How To Purchase Latest Samsung Smartphones In Ghana On Credit

I know you desperately need one of these latest Samsung smartphones, however you are not financially fit enough to just go out there and get it.

Infact most of the time, taking that huge money out of your wallet to just purchase a single device is a really hard decision.

In here, I am about to tell you some secret agenda which will help you purchase any of the latest Samsung smartphones on the market without paying all the cash upfront.

List of phones you can get on credit.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note10+
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note10
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10+
  4. Samsung Galaxy 10
  5. Samsung Galaxy 10e
  6. Samsung Galaxy A80
  7. Samsung Galaxy A70
  8. Samsung Galaxy A30
  9. Samsung Galaxy A30s
  10. Samsung Galaxy A50
  11. Samsung Galaxy A20s
  12. Samsung Galaxy A20
  13. Samsung Galaxy A10s
  14. Samsung Galaxy A10
  15. Samsung Galaxy A2
  16. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  17. Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  18. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8
  19. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0

All the above smartphones can be purchased on credit without paying upfront.

This is an initiative by MTN in collaboration with ECOBANK.

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How It works

First you will have to be an Ecobank Salary account holder. If you have that with enough history to prove you have been receiving funds from a company then you are good to go.

Walk into any MTN office, pick a form and fill with your ECOBANK account details as requested on the form, submit and if approved, you will be walking home with any of the smartphones mentioned above and pay later on installment.

At the end of each month, an amount of money will be deducted from your account based on which phone you purchased until you are fully done with the payment. Refer to the image below for the prices.

How To Purchase Latest Samsung Smartphones In Ghana On Credit

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