MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps

The modern advanced wireless internet router is here. MTN Turbo Net is now the fastest internet in Ghana serving up to 300MBps is a record breaking super fast internet connection in Ghana.

The device which hit the market not long ago is a modern technology router that amplifies the network signal giving you consistent 4G which is not limited by location.

As long as you get MTN signal on your phone wherever you are, you can use this device to boost your surfing speed.

The device as I said earlier is a router that comes with a sim card. The sim card is then inserted into the device and plugged from a socket. As soon as the router is on, you can connect it with any wireless device and start browsing.

There is no cabling required, all you need is a power source to power the device since I didn’t hear anything about it having an inbuilt battery.

MTN Fiber BroadBand: The Fastest Internet Connection In Ghana

Why should you get MTN Turbo Net?

As I said earlier, the Turbo net gives the fastest internet surfing experience ever in Ghana, serving you up to 300MBps of data transmission.

You also get 5GB of data every month for 6 months after purchase.

You can buy as low a 20Ghc for 5GB data and as much as 395Ghc for 550GB. These make MTN now the fastest and cheapest 4G network in Ghana.

For more information on where and how to purchase MTN Turbo net, call 100 or visit any MTN service center and order for one.

0 thoughts on “MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps”

  1. i don’t think this “Turbo net gives the fastest internet surfing experience ever in Ghana, serving you up to 300MBps of data transmission.” they are talking about is real because my turbo net is slower than slow.

    • It could probably be because of your location or settings… Or probably because of the package you are on. You can also visit the Nearest MTN office to subscribe for the business package where you will pay for the speed instead of data bundle.

      I have used other 4G networks and Turbonet and I think the turbonet is cheaper and faster…. The only network I can compare with the Turbonet so far is Vodafone Gigabit network so you can try that one too

  2. 300 mbps? try testing your internet speed these days. It was that in 2019 but in this 2020 it’s certainly not. The guys just tricked us into buying and now it has been over sold beyond its full capacity so we are a lot sharing the internet space or whatever causing it jam. Even the normal 4g sims in the phones is even faster.

    What they should have done was limit the sales or increase the internet space, but as usual in Ghana, any one in any sort of power, take the masses as fools that can be easily deceived and feed off that.

    Also how I see it, somehow it is in their interest and benefit if the speed is slow because you are probably loading pages three to four times meaning more data used. More money to them to boost their profit in the COVID 19 era and considering they are listed now. Investors must see good results

    Very shortsighted strategy indeed.

  3. I am only getting from 1 to 5 MBPS if I am lucky
    Most of the time it is less than 1 MBPS
    I called the customer service many times and the only answer I get that your area only supports 2G/3G
    Why are you selling a service that you cannot support


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