How to Increase the MTN Turbonet Speed to 300MBps

How to Increase the MTN Turbonet Speed to 300MBps

Do you know the MTN Turbonet has a speed of up to 300MBps? This guide will help you know how to increase the MTN Turbonet speed to 300MBps.

The MTN Turbonet is a revolutionary 4G router that hits up to 300MBps of surfing speeds. If you do not know much about this device, I have already written about it in an earlier article and even explained how to buy an MTN Turbonet device this year.

How to Increase the MTN Turbonet Speed to 300MBps

In this simple guide, I will teach you how to increase the MTN Turbonet speed for up to 300MBps which is the maximum speed the device can hit.

How to Increase MTN Turbonet Speed

Truth be told, increasing the MTN Turbonet speed to 300Mbps is not something you can do directly. The speed of your internet connection depends on various factors including your subscription plan, network coverage, and the capabilities of your device. Below is a list of factors that affect the internet speed.

Factors That Affect the Internet Speed

  • Type of Connection
    The type of internet connection you have, such as DSL, cable, fibre optic, or satellite, can affect your speed. Fibre optics tends to offer the fastest speeds, followed by cable, DSL, and satellite.
  • Subscription Plan
    Your internet service provider (ISP) subscription plan determines the maximum speed you can access. Higher-tier plans often offer faster speeds than basic plans. For instance, the MTN Fibre Broadband has two packages. One sells speed and the other sells data bundle.
  • Network Congestion
    During peak hours when many users are online, network congestion can occur, slowing down internet speeds for everyone sharing the same network infrastructure.
  • Distance from Server
    The physical distance between your device and the server hosting the website or service you’re accessing can impact speed. Longer distances generally result in slower speeds due to increased latency.
  • Wi-Fi Interference
    Interference from other electronic devices, neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, or physical obstacles can degrade Wi-Fi signal strength and reduce internet speed.
  • Hardware Limitations
    The quality and capabilities of your modem, router, and device can affect internet speed. Older or outdated hardware may not support higher speeds.
  • Software Issues
    Background applications, malware, or outdated software on your device can consume bandwidth and affect internet speed. Closing unnecessary applications and keeping your system updated can help mitigate this.
  • Weather Conditions
    Inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or storms, can interfere with satellite and wireless connections, leading to slower speeds or service interruptions.
  • Line Quality
    For DSL and cable internet connections, the quality and condition of the physical lines connecting your home to the ISP’s network infrastructure can impact speed. Old or damaged lines may lead to slower speeds or connectivity issues.
  • Traffic Management Policies
    Some ISPs implement traffic management policies that prioritize certain types of traffic (e.g., streaming, gaming) over others during peak times, which can affect the speed of certain activities.
  • Device Overload
    Connecting too many devices to your network simultaneously can strain bandwidth and lead to slower speeds for each device.
  • Time of Day
    Internet speeds may vary depending on the time of day, with speeds typically slower during peak usage times and faster during off-peak hours.

Understanding these factors can help you troubleshoot and optimize your internet connection for better speed and performance. Now that you know what causes the internet speed to be slower, let’s see how to optimize the speed.

How to Optimize Your Internet Speed

There are certain steps you can take to optimize your internet connection and potentially improve your speed. Here’s a basic guide broken down into points for

  • Check Signal Strength
    The MTN Turbonet device is strictly 4G and cannot downgrade to 3G or lower. Ensure that your device has a strong signal reception. You can do this by checking the signal bars on the device or using the signal strength indicator in the device’s settings. If not enough signal strength, connect the antenna that comes with the device. This should help increase the MTN Turbonet speed greatly.
  • Optimize Placement of the Turbonet Device
    Place your MTN Turbonet device in a location where it can receive the strongest possible signal. Avoid placing it near large obstacles or electronic devices that may interfere with the signal.
  • Use Wired Connections
    Whenever possible, connect your device directly to the MTN Turbonet modem using an Ethernet cable rather than relying on Wi-Fi. Wired connections typically offer faster and more stable speeds.
  • Limit Interference
    Minimize interference from other electronic devices by keeping them away from your Turbonet modem. Devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices can cause interference and impact your internet speed.
  • Update Firmware and Drivers
    Ensure that your MTN Turbonet router’s firmware is up to date. Manufacturers often release firmware updates that can improve performance and stability.
  • Restart Your Device
    Sometimes, simply restarting your MTN Turbonet device can help resolve temporary issues and improve speed.
  • Contact MTN Support
    If you’ve tried all the above steps and are still experiencing slow speeds, contact MTN customer support for assistance. They may be able to troubleshoot the issue further and provide additional recommendations.

Remember that while these steps can potentially improve your internet speed, they may not guarantee reaching the maximum advertised speed of 300Mbps. The actual speed you experience will depend on various factors mentioned earlier.

Will Changing Your MTN Turbonet APN Settings Increase the Speed?

Changing your MTN Turbonet APN settings will not increase the internet speed. You should also know that note that changing the APN settings will cause your internet to go off since there is only one APN.
The default APN is “internet”. If your MTN Turbonet APN is not set this way, then you can change it. However, if it is already set like this, then changing it to anything else will make your device not able to connect anymore.

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  1. i don’t think this “Turbo net gives the fastest internet surfing experience ever in Ghana, serving you up to 300MBps of data transmission.” they are talking about is real because my turbo net is slower than slow.

    1. call 100…. Or you will have to check the signal bars… If it is not full, then that could be the problem… If the signal bars are not full, just plug your antenna and make sure it is fixed as high as possible.

      1. The speed is upto 300MBps… What I have realized is when you are just browsing, the speed is within 1 to 5MBps However, the speed sky rockets when you are downloading. I remember downloading a 5GB file within 2 minutes using my Turbonet.

  2. APUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU,cant even use it to do my online business i have to be smart cos is collapsing my business

    1. It could probably be because of your location or settings… Or probably because of the package you are on. You can also visit the Nearest MTN office to subscribe for the business package where you will pay for the speed instead of data bundle.

      I have used other 4G networks and Turbonet and I think the turbonet is cheaper and faster…. The only network I can compare with the Turbonet so far is Vodafone Gigabit network so you can try that one too

  3. Frustratedturbonetuser

    300 mbps? try testing your internet speed these days. It was that in 2019 but in this 2020 it’s certainly not. The guys just tricked us into buying and now it has been over sold beyond its full capacity so we are a lot sharing the internet space or whatever causing it jam. Even the normal 4g sims in the phones is even faster.

    What they should have done was limit the sales or increase the internet space, but as usual in Ghana, any one in any sort of power, take the masses as fools that can be easily deceived and feed off that.

    Also how I see it, somehow it is in their interest and benefit if the speed is slow because you are probably loading pages three to four times meaning more data used. More money to them to boost their profit in the COVID 19 era and considering they are listed now. Investors must see good results

    Very shortsighted strategy indeed.

  4. I am only getting from 1 to 5 MBPS if I am lucky
    Most of the time it is less than 1 MBPS
    I called the customer service many times and the only answer I get that your area only supports 2G/3G
    Why are you selling a service that you cannot support

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