Top 10 Importance of Technology in Education

Do you know the importance of technology in education? This simple guide will present you with 10 importance of technology in Education.

In today’s fast world, technology is like a helpful friend in education. It makes learning more exciting and easier. While there are most of the information we need over the internet, there are other simple tech gadgets that help make education easier. Laptops, PPT presentations, advanced scientific calculators, etc. are all some of the ways technology is making education easier.

In this article, let’s explore why technology in education is a big deal for these ten important reasons. Before you move on, quickly take a look at the table of contents below. You can click on any of the given title links to jump to the particular article.

10 importance of technology in education

Note that the items in this list are not listed in any specific order. There is more importance of technology in education. However, I will be listing some of the most notable ones based on what people educational sector suggested.

1. Enhanced learning experience


Technology brings learning to life with interactive content like videos, simulations, and virtual reality. These tools engage students and help them grasp complex concepts more easily.

For instance, videos have made it easier for students to see the real-life experience of exactly what the teacher is describing. When used in teaching, Tools like Virtual Reality can also help engage the students in virtual reality activities.

There is even a lab experiment game among the top 5 Educational Android games I listed in an earlier article. It a virtual reality game that helps you work with chemicals in a virtual lab as if in real life. 

2. Access to a world of information


The internet is a vast treasure trove of knowledge. With technology, students can access a wide range of educational resources, from e-books to online courses, breaking down geographical barriers.

Almost everything you would like to know is readily available on the internet. This means when listing the importance of technology in education, you couldn’t do without the internet.

ScienceDirect Hub is one of the most important scientific journals hub helping students learn science easily. This should give you a fair idea what internet can do as far as the importance of technology in education is concerned. 

3. Personalized Learning

Adaptive learning platforms tailor educational content to each student’s needs, allowing them to learn at their own pace and focus on areas where they need improvement.

What is more important than learning only the things that are important for your career success? These adaptive platforms make personalized learning easier without having to sort things out yourself.

4. Collaboration and Communication

Collaborating on projects and sharing ideas with peers has never been easier without technology. This is one of the major reasons why technology in education is very important.

Technology facilitates collaboration between students, teachers, and peers, fostering teamwork and communication skills through online forums, video conferencing, and shared documents.

I even wrote an amazing article for One of the largest technology blogs in Ghana) about some 10 video conferencing apps that make collaborations easier.

5. Real-world skills

One of the importance of technology in education is the fact that students pick some major real-world skills from the classroom. For instance; basic computing is one of the things that you learn at the basic level of education and this is very essential even if your career is not heading towards any IT field.

Basic computer skill is needed in almost every field around the world now. Picking up these skills from the classroom has become very necessary now.

6. Remote learning

A few years ago when the Pandemic hit the world, technology played a major role in the lives of both students and lecturers. Technology does not only make learning easy to counter global crisis but it also makes it possible for students to enroll and learn worldwide regardless of distance and location.

Remote learning has become one of the major importance of technology in education.

Check out this amazing article I wrote earlier about why you should study MBA online. Read this article and take advantage of the importance of technology in education. 

7. Sustainability and cost-efficiency

Digital textbooks and online resources reduce the environmental impact of traditional paper-based materials and can be more cost-effective for schools and students.

You can bear with me that digital books have become cheaper and easier to afford compared to regular paperback books. You can even get some of these books completely free online.

Z library and some of its 20 alternatives I listed earlier provide ebooks completely free for you to download. Its a good way to utilize technology in your education. 
Project Gutenberg and LibraryGenesis are also available for you to use. 

8. Assessment and feedback

Technology has made it easier for students to keep track of their progress. It is also helping teachers identify student’s weaknesses as well as their strengths easily using technology.

Technology enables instant assessment and feedback, helping teachers identify areas where students may need extra help and allowing students to track their progress.

9. Helping everyone learn

When it comes to the importance of technology in education, it brings equality. Technology can be changed to help students with disabilities. This makes sure everyone can learn, no matter what.

10. Lifelong learning

With technology, learning doesn’t stop after graduation. Online courses and resources empower individuals to continue learning throughout their lives, keeping their skills up-to-date.

I even wrote an article earlier about why you must take free online courses. These are completely free online courses and is very important that you take them. 


Here, I will try and answer some of the questions people frequently ask about the importance of technology in education. If you have questions that have not been answered here, you can leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

Why is technology important in teaching and learning?

Technology is super important in education because it makes learning more fun and exciting. It takes boring lessons and turns them into interesting activities that students enjoy. This can be done with apps, videos, and interactive stuff that keeps students interested and involved.
Also, technology helps students understand difficult things better. It uses pictures, videos, and interactive tools to explain complex ideas in simple ways. This makes it easier for all kinds of students to do well in their studies.


Technology is very important in education. It changes the way we learn, making education more engaging, accessible, and effective. Technology has transformed education for the better. Embracing technology in education is necessary for preparing students for the future.

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