MTN Fiber Broadband Installation Price In Ghana

Do you want an MTN Fiber Broadband? This guide will help you know everything about the Fiber Broadband even before you attempt to acquire it. The installation price as well as the packages you get to enjoy will all be explained in detail.

The internet has made life easier and smarter for everyone. It’s like having a big library, a market, and a school all in one place. Plus, it’s where many people find work nowadays. Being connected to the internet is really important because it lets us do so much.

When you’re paying for the internet, what matters most to you? Is it how fast it is or how much you can use?

Some people care a lot about how quickly they can watch videos or play games. Others want to make sure they have enough data to do everything they need online.

And now, I want to tell you about something special: the fastest internet in Ghana. It’s super speedy and at the same time cheaper, so you can do everything you love online without any waiting around. It’s like having a superhighway for your internet connection!

What is the MTN Fiber Broadband?

Fiber Broadband is like the superhero of internet connections, zooming through special cables made of glass that are thinner than a hair. Studies show these cables can send data at a whopping 30 times faster than old-fashioned copper ones. But here’s the catch: because they’re so lightning fast, they’re also super pricey.

In Ghana, most telecom companies haven’t been able to bring this super-speedy internet to folks. That makes MTN the lone ranger in town, riding in with their Fiber Broadband to save the day. It’s like they’re the only ones with the keys to the super-fast internet kingdom.

But here’s the really cool part: with MTN Fiber Broadband, you’re in charge. It’s not just about what they have to offer, it’s about what you want.

If you’re all about speed, they’ve got you covered. If you need tons of data to binge-watch your favourite shows, they’ve got that too. And hey, why not have both? With MTN, you can mix and match to get exactly what you need, whether it’s speed, volume, or a little bit of both. It’s like having your own customized internet experience right at your fingertips.

Installation and Price

The MTN Fiber Broadband installation price is GHS 150 as of the time of this article. MTN will give you all the devices that you need to get access to this super-speed internet connection.

However, you must note that your area must have access to the Fiber bypass for you to be able to get the device installed.

How to check if your area has Fiber Broadband bypass.

There are two ways to check if your area has the MTN Fiber Broadband bypass. You can check using *5057# or simply follow the procedure below.

  • Visit the MTN Fiber Broadband website.
  • Click on the “Request Service” and you should land on a similar page as the one in the screenshot below.
MTN Fiber Broadband Installation Price In Ghana
  • Scroll to the “CHECK COVERAGE IN YOUR AREA” box and enter your location name.

If there is a bypass in your area, you will know as soon as you enter your location. If you have some, then you can proceed to requests for the service installation.

Fiber Broadband Packages

There are two main packages when requesting MTN Fiber Broadband. Business and Residential with each of the packages giving you different types of experiences.

Business (Unlimited Volume)

The Business package gives you an unlimited volume but speed is metered so the more speed you want the higher you pay if you want up to the maximum which is 60Mbps, you will be getting super fast internet with unlimited volume.

This means you are billed per month not based on how much data you have consumed but on how fast your internet was throughout the month (Don’t let my words confuse you tho ). Currently, the installation fee for the business package is GHS 500.

Residential (Metered volume)

The residential package comes with unlimited speed where you can get all the 60Mbps speed without any limitation. However, the data volume is capped.

You choose the amount of data bundle you want to purchase and for as low as Ghc25, you can browse on this super fast internet connection. Residential comes with a Ghc150 one-time installation fee and a free router.

You can buy a data bundle on the residential package with this guide I wrote earlier about “How to Buy Data on MTN Turbonet or FTTX“.


Those who use 4G networks in Ghana will bear with me that they hardly get even 30Mbps data speed. With this particular cable connection, we are talking about constant up to 60Mbps speed which is way faster than most of the 4G networks in Ghana.

For more information on how to get this service and the pricing of the data bundles, you can visit any walk-in MTN Service Center or call 100.

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