How To Link MobileMoney To Bank Account

Moving from your house to the bank just for small withdrawals or deposits is a very big headache. You can link your MobileMoney to Bank Account to reduce the stress.

Linking the accounts come with so many benefits and reduces lots of stress.


You can make transactions from bank to wallet and wallet to bank with ease. The only problem here is you can only withdraw a limited amount of money but you can equally increase the MobileMoney limit to do more.

You can easily check your bank balance without calling your bank directly.

You can also use MobileMoney to transfer money from one Bank to the other for free. (It is only free if both accounts belong to you)

Link MobileMoney To Bank Account

The entire process starts from the bank. Before that, you must have an active MobileMoney Wallet and a valid Ghanaian ID especially the one you used in opening the particular bank account.

You will have to visit your bank with the items mentioned above in order for them to link the account to your MobileMoney wallet. You don’t have to visit any MTN service center for this service to work.


You will have to verify your account at the Bank by providing your account number and ID card. After that, you will be given a form to fill. That is all you have to do.

When everything is processed, you will receive a message from your bank with a secret pin code and how to change it.

Note: This code is different from your MobileMoney pincode. It is the code you will be using for your Bank To Wallet transaction. You can change it to your MobileMoney pincode. That will even make it easier for you.

Some Banks do have their own USSD codes for accessing the platform but most Banks use the *170# USSD.

If you want to make a transaction, you dial *170# and select option 5 (Financial Services), Select option 1 (Bank Services). That is where you go to see the banking platform on the *170# USSD.

Below is the list of banks on the platform so far.

How To Link MobileMoney To Bank Account
How To Link MobileMoney To Bank Account

With Fidelity Bank, you can register for this service without visiting the bank. You just dial *776# and follow the prompt to do that.


Connect your MobileMoney wallet to your bank account and make your transactions easy without any stress and free.

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