NMU SIS: Nelson Mandela University Student Information System

Nelson Mandela University Student Information System or NMU SIS as people simply call it is an information portal for students. Here is a simple guide to help you navigate the portal.

The portal has all the records of the students so it is easy for students to take a look at their own information at any time.

The information system uses a matching database function to match each student’s identity to retrieve the information they are looking for. So it means if you miss even a single character confirming your identity, you might not be able to get your information.

NMU SIS Login Process

To log into the system, you need your student number and Pincode. The rest are personal information that if you actually provided your correct information on your NMU application form, you will also get easily.

  • As soon as the link loads, enter your student number
  • Provide your full date of birth as on your application form.
  • Enter your ITS portal Pincode.
  • Click the “Continue” button and follow the procedure to retrieve the information you want.

Reset NMU SIS Pincode

Probably, you might have forgotten your student information system Pincode. Do not panic. There is a simple way you can reset the Pincode and regain access.

  • Click on the “forgot Pincode” button
  • Enter your student number on the next page and click “Continue“.
  • If you complete the process, your NMU SIS Pincode will be sent to your NMU student email.

Since the SIS Pincode is the same as your ITS, resenting the Pincode will automatically reset your ITS Pincode.

NMU Information Directory

There is also another information portal where you will find everything you want to know. This directory contains the information you need to know about the University including guides and tutorials.

It also shares adequate information on all the individual faculties. The NMU Directory, unlike the NMU prospectus, gathers all the information you seek in one place.

No matter the portal or information you seek, you will find it all in one place. Visit https://www.mandela.ac.za/Directory to access the directory.

Most of the guides are in PDF format so you can download them for later use.


In short, always make sure you use the NMU SIS to access your information. If you forget your Pincode, you can always get it back and get access again.

If you want information about all other services and facilities, you can also make use of the information Directory. Call support on +27 (0) 41 504 1111 or send an email to [email protected] if you face any challenges.

Leave questions or suggestions in the comment box if there are any.

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