Noveto SoundBeamer – The Speaker Capable Of Playing Sound Inside Your Head Without Earpiece

Tired of wearing headphones to listen to your favorite music? Meet this innovative speaker that emits ultrasonic sounds that only you can hear.
The technology advances and companies engaged in this area never cease to amaze with their inventions. The auditory bubble, a dream for those who tend to listen to their favorite songs to the fullest when with headphones , has just come true thanks to this innovative speaker .
Beaming Sound is the name of the new technology of audio that offers Noveto Systems, an Israeli company that this Friday, November 20 will release its first speaker transmitting sounds ultrasonic. In this way, the user will be able to listen to the songs he wants in his head without the need to use headphones .

Associated Press, a medium that was able to interview the Noveto company, creators of this device, points out that the device presents a 3D sensory detector that, when pressing a button, activates the search of the user’s ears to send waves directly to them.

The equipment has the ability to track the position of the ear to send the ultrasonic waves, in such a way that the person can move freely through a given space without the music being interrupted.

This speaker offers stereo sound or 3D audio , so that the person can have a fairly complete immersion. The interesting thing about this is that while the waves travel to your ears, you can continue to listen to the environment.

An important fact about the SoundBeamer is that all the sound that comes out of it can only be heard by the user, so you will avoid disturbing people who are close to you.

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