How To Shutdown PC Without A Mouse

For many reasons you might find yourself in a situation whereby you want to shutdown your PC but can’t go through the process because you don’t have a mouse. I am going to give you very simple ways to turn your PC off without using the mouse.

What you must know

The PC is a very complicated device which has in it lots of componets and all these components have installed software to regulate their functionality. This software serves as the veins which connect the entire system together.

That is how come if you input a command, the particular component you are commanding starts work. The software carries your command lines to each component on the system.

The reason why you have to shutdown the PC properly is because of the link between the software and the hardwares. Computers are not like any other gadgets that at push of a button, they are On and the next push turns them Off.

When shutting down, the software is supposed to communicate the shutdown command to every single component in the computer before the power is completely cut off. The same way if you are booting, the software must communicate with all the other hardware properly before it is finaly On for you to use.

What happens if you don’t shutdown your computer properly

Not going through the right shutdown process to turn off your computer comes with lots of future implications.

Cutting down power supply without initiating shutdown command is like causing someone to faint instead of putting them to sleep.

There are some files that recreate a new sequence of commands for your next boot when the shutdown command is initiated. Without shutting down properly, these files could get corrupted hence making your computer stack in a boot-loop.

To avoid this, you have to properly shutdown your computer no matter what.

How To Shutdown The Computer Without The Mouse

Every operating system and how to shut it down. I will be talking about the most popular operating system which is the Windows.

With older versions of Windows, which is Windows XP, Windows XP Professional or Windows 98, you can easily hit Windows key+U+U and the computer should should shutdown after few seconds.

On Earlier versions including Windows Vista, Windows 7,8 and 10, you can shutdown without the mouse by pressing Alt+F4 (Make sure all windows are closed before you do this. If no, keep pressing untill all windows are closed and press again to bring up shutdown dialog box).

This will bring up the shutdown dialog box. If Shutdown is not the default, use the up and down arrow keys to select Shutdown and Hit Enter /Return key to shutdown the computer completely.

This is for educational purposes only.

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