NWU Prospectus – Download The PDF Now

Everything you would like to know about the NWU prospectus is right here. How do you download the prospectus?

I will give you the information you want to know about the North-West University prospectus and application as well.

Since it is a new academic year, it is easy to find universities releasing their prospectus and prospects searching for the right ones.

On this page, you will find a link to the right NWU Prospectus and download it.

Why Do You Need NWU Prospectus?

Since you are a prospective student, you must know exactly what you are going in for and that is exactly why you need it.

The prospectus gives a lot of clues and guidelines on what to expect when joining NWU. It is also the only thing that will show you what you get if you choose a particular course.

Since it is the best opportunity for the university to showcase its benefits to you, you are guaranteed nothing but the truth. There are definitely no exaggerations whatsoever.

You also get to know what the university requires of you to be able to join. In short, this brochure will save you lots of inquiries time.

What Is In It?

The prospectus is there to answer all queries prospective students have about the university and the choices available. For the NWU prospectus, some of the things you will find there are listed below.

  • Available programmes for both postgraduates and undergraduates
  • Application process for both online and offline applicants
  • Faculties and directions to each of their campuses
  • Application requirements
  • Accormodation plans for both local and international students

These are some of the things you will see in the brochure. While what I just did is list major pointers, the brochure explains everything in detail. So you must read for yourself to know everything there is to know before applying.

How To Download NWU Prospectus 2022 PDF

Downloading the prospectus is very simple. If you are on this page, simply click the download link below.

Download NWU Prospectus 2022

After clicking the link above, you should get to a PDF file page. Use the download button which is mostly on the top right corner of your page to download the PDF.

Probably the brochure did not answer most of your questions about the requirements on the individual faculties. Simply visit the North-West University website link to learn more.

While this will be the best way to save yourself some time doing inquiries, it is still a good idea to talk to someone.

Request the NWU yearbook through the following emails;

[email protected]  

[email protected].

You should also call 018 285 4320 if you wish to talk to someone.

You might probably want to check another university prospectus, check out The TUT Prospectus.


In short, there is a prospectus available for download. But that shouldn’t prevent you from contacting someone in the institution.

The requirements can also change from time to time so always refer to the North-West University website address to keep updated.

Probably you have something in mind that I couldn’t touch on. Don’t worry. Just leave a comment below and I will reply as early as possible.

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