Top 5 Best PayPal Alternatives in Ghana

Top 5 Best PayPal Alternatives in Ghana

Looking for reliable online payment solutions in Ghana? Discover the top 5 PayPal Alternatives in Ghana! From Payoneer’s global reach to Skrill’s secure transactions, find the perfect e-wallet for your needs. Dive into the world of PYUSD’s stability or experience the convenience of WorldRemit’s fast transfers. Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or avid online shopper, these alternatives offer flexibility and convenience in the Ghanaian digital landscape. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace seamless transactions with these top alternatives!

Top 5 Best PayPal Alternatives in Ghana

Online payments and money transfers have become very important in our modern world. However, most people in Ghana still use old-fashioned methods like cash or bank transfers to pay for things and send money. These traditional methods can be inconvenient, expensive and slow.

Luckily, there are now online “e-wallets” which offer easy, fast and affordable ways to make payments and transfer money online. E-wallets like the popular PayPal allow you to quickly pay for products or receive payments from all over the world.

Unfortunately, PayPal does not work in Ghana right now because of regulations around financial services. But there are several good alternatives Ghanaians can use instead. This article will introduce the top 5 best “PayPal Alternatives in Ghana” that offer similar services.

The e-wallet services we will look at have great features like low fees, the ability to hold different currencies and fast domestic or international transfers. By the end, you should have a good idea of the options available to suit your needs for secure online payments and convenient money transfers.

Why is PayPal not available in Ghana?

PayPal is globally the most popular online payment system. However, it is currently unavailable for use in Ghana. This is because of certain regulations by the Bank of Ghana around financial services and transactions using electronic money.

Specifically, the Bank requires that all e-money issuers and service providers obtain authorization and a license before operating. PayPal has likely found the requirements of getting such clearance in Ghana difficult to meet at this time.

Even though PayPal doesn’t work in Ghana, you can still create a PayPal account in Ghana. I have written earlier article about “Top 2 Ways to Create PayPal Account in Ghana“.

However, this does not mean there is anything deficient about Ghana’s financial laws. The country is rather being careful and selective regarding which foreign financial companies can operate locally while protecting consumers. And there are still very good options for e-payments, as we will see.

Now that we understand why PayPal itself is not supported, let’s look at the top PayPal alternatives that offer similar services to Ghanaians.

Top 5 PayPal Alternatives in Ghana

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is a well-known payment services company that is popular in Ghana. It offers a digital wallet, virtual VISA and Mastercard debit cards, and the ability to receive funds from over 200 countries worldwide easily.

Payoneer has very low fees, especially for international transfers. It also allows you to hold funds in various currencies using virtual bank accounts in the US, UK and Europe. This means it’s great for doing business globally.

Key features:

  • Low fees for international transfers
  • Ability to receive funds from over 200 countries
  • Virtual US, EU and UK bank accounts
  • Debit cards for easy shopping online

Limitations may include slower transfers between Payoneer account holders compared to other services. But overall it is a top choice for global business payments and transactions.

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2. Skrill

Skrill is another widely used e-wallet in Ghana, known for its fast and secure money transfer services. It supports multiple currencies, allowing users to make transactions in their preferred currency without hassle.

Additionally, Skrill offers robust security features to protect users’ financial information. While it provides convenience, users should be mindful of potential fees associated with certain transactions.

Key Features:

  • Fast, simple transfers to other Skrill accounts
  • Secure transactions and data protection
  • Supports multiple currencies in one account
  • Low-cost money transfers

Potential drawbacks are higher fees for things like currency exchanges compared to rivals. But Skrill is still widely used for its convenience and speed.

3. PYUSD (PayPal USD)

PYUSD, issued by PayPal, is a stablecoin that’s fully backed by US dollar deposits, US treasuries, and similar cash equivalents. This digital currency can be transferred via the Ethereum network, offering users a secure and efficient means of conducting transactions. With PYUSD, users can enjoy the stability of the US dollar while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.

Key Features:

  • Direct 1-to-1 conversion between USD and PYUSD
  • Secure price stability by being pegged to the US Dollar
  • Enables transfer of USD value on blockchain networks
  • Offers stability amidst cryptocurrency volatility

Limitations are its availability only to US PayPal account holders for now. But overall PYUSD provides a reliable digital payment coin with intrinsic value backed by real-world assets held by PayPal. It can facilitate everyday transactions or serve as a stable store of value alongside riskier crypto assets.

4. WorldRemit

WorldRemit focuses primarily on money transfers, providing fast and reliable services to users in Ghana. It offers competitive rates and diverse payout options, including bank deposits, mobile money, and cash pickups. While WorldRemit ensures quick transfers, users should consider any associated fees, especially for certain payout methods.

Key Features:

  • Bank account, mobile money and cash pickup payout options
  • Fast processing for remittances
  • Lower fees compared to traditional agents like Western Union
  • Referral bonuses for new customers

Potential drawbacks are that sending limits can be quite low for new users. But overall WorldRemit compares favorably as an efficient PayPal alternative focused on international money movement.

5. Neteller

Although primarily recognized in the online gambling industry, Neteller also serves as a viable PayPal alternative for users in Ghana. It boasts secure transactions and fast payouts, making it a preferred choice for many. Additionally, Neteller offers prepaid cards, adding to its versatility. However, users should note potential restrictions for non-gambling transactions and assess their suitability accordingly.

Key Features:

  • High maximum balances and transfer limits
  • Fast payouts from online gambling winnings
  • Prepaid cards for easy ATM withdrawals
  • Lottery services available after KYC verification

The downsides may be high currency exchange fees and a general lack of adoption for regular e-commerce outside gambling sites. But for gaming enthusiasts and poker players, Neteller is a top choice.


In this article, we have explored some great payment services available for Ghanaians as viable PayPal alternatives. These include:

  • Payoneer – Offers digital wallets, debit cards and affordable global money transfers.
  • Skrill – Provides secure, swift money transfers and multi-currency support.
  • PYUSD – A local option by Zeepay allowing instant mobile money transfers.
  • WorldRemit – Focused on fast, low-cost international remittances.
  • Neteller – Made for secure online gambling transactions and payouts.

As we have seen, all these e-wallet services have their own strengths based on factors like fees, transfer rates, payout options, currencies available and countries reached.

The right PayPal alternative for your needs depends on your specific use case for sending funds or making/receiving payments. Consider what features matter most, as well as reach within Ghana or in foreign markets.

With several great choices now available, Ghana is certainly at the forefront of adopting more convenient and cost-effective digital payments for regular transactions and global commerce. Hopefully, this overview gives you a better sense of the options to switch from slow, expensive traditional channels.

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