Safe, Secured And Working PayPal Alternative

PayPal has been one of the renown online payment methods on the internet for a very long time.

It has been here for a very long time and has been a lot of companies’ including individuals’ method of payment.

In many countries, PayPal gives full access to the users but in other countries, just few basic access are given to users and in other countries, they are not on the PayPal platform at all.


United States Of America has full access to the PayPal platform which gives the ability to make payments, receive payments, link debit or credit cards, link a bank account or even order for a PayPal Master Card.

Some other countries are on the PayPal platform and they can make payments, receive payments but they cannot withdraw the PayPal funds into their cards or Bank Accounts.

Some are not on the PayPal platform at all. Which in 2016 Turkey also got stripped off the PayPal platform.


A lot of people find it very difficult doing business online without a proper payment method.

Wire-Transfer and Bank-Transfers are too expensive in some countries and also very limited at some points in time. Even though they are safe and secured, standing in a long queue at the bank is a very big headache for some of us.

People ask everyday: Are there PayPal alternatives?

Which of-course the answer is “Yes” but the problem here is; “Are the alternatives safe enough?”

Well, I can mention a lot of PayPal alternatives here but I can’t guarantee, their safety or security except one.

When I say one, I mean the only one I have tested and found working with good security level and can guarantee that your money will be safe.

Safe And Working PayPal Alternatives


This is one of the safest online payment methods alongside PayPal. With this payment method, you are very safe when it comes to security and with withdrawal, that will be very simple.

Every user on this platform, gets a Master Card on registration free of charge. The card is delivered by post-mail and you can make online payments and ATM withdrawals with this card anywhere across the globe.

It is good to submit a government issued ID during the time of sign-up to be on the very safer side. Sometimes you might be restricted of access until you submit your ID.


  • You can can link a local bank account to your Payoneer account
  • you can withdraw money to your local bank from your Payoneer
  • you can make and receive payments
  • you can request for payments from other users
  • supports API integration just like PayPal
  • You can use it as Checking account to receive payments from a lot of companies.
  • You can withdraw directly from any MasterCard ATM.
  • You can make online payments with the Payoneer Card.
  • Security is very tight
  • Charges are less than PayPal charges.

How To Create A PayPal Account In Ghana With Ghanaian Details


You can’t fund the account by yourself.

There is no add fund system over here. Even though I have found a way to fund my Payoneer account which I will write on later, I think there is no way you can fund the Payoneer account by yourself.

The funds come in only when you receive payment.

As long as online payment is concerned, I suggest Payoneer as the best alternative to PayPal.

To sign-up for one for free, click here>>> Sign-up for Payoneer

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There are a lot of PayPal alternatives out there but so far, this is the only one I have proves for.

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If PayPal is what you want, I can create PayPal for any country whether it is on the map or not.

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