Scratch And Win – The New Game That Is Making People Rich

There is a new game on the internet which is known as Scratch And Win. You could win as much as GHC 40,000 in a single draw.

The whole concept of this game is to simply buy a digital scratch card, scratch it and win a hidden price. The card price ranges from GHC0.50 to GHC20.00 and the amazing thing about this game is the more you play, the more your chances of winning a bigger price.

How To Play Scratch And Win

Just Buy Card: Buy electronic scratch card(s) for a price of Ghc.50, Ghc1, Ghc2, Ghc5, Ghc10, and Ghc20 per card. Scratch more cards to stand a chance in the game challenge.

Scratch Your Card: Scratch your digital cards online. A match of 3,4 or 5 symbols of a kind wins you fantastic prizes. Scratch more win more.

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Win Instant Cash: Scratch to win Ghc40,000, Ghc20,000, Ghc1,000, and more with just a card. Scratch more to top and win the challenge.

To deposit/withdraw cash: Click/Tap on Home page Icon to redirect you to the scratchboard where you can deposit or withdraw cash into/out your wallet. To deposit Cash: Click/ Tap DEPOSIT, enter amount to deposit and click/tap DEPOSIT CASH and follow up prompts. A successful process will increase the Cash Balance in your wallet by the amount and displays the current/updated balance on your screen.

Click/Tap on WITHDRAWAL, enter amount to withdraw, your membership password and Click/Tap to WITHDRAW CASH. A successful process will decrease/reduce the Cash Balance in your wallet by the amount and displays the current/updated balance on your screen. Note: Cash withdrawn will be sent only to the momo ( mobile money number ) number on file.

Below are the top three winners at the time of this article.

Scratch And Win

If you want to play this game, you can visit

You must be 18 years and above in order to play this game and also note that this company is licensed which you can confirm at bottom of their page.

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