How To Spot Fake Samsung Smartphones

There are so many fake samsung smartphones on the market right now compared to the genuine or original ones. I will give you simple guides to identify the original ones.

Samsung has been one of the leading brands in the smartphone market. Being at the top of the list means lots of competition to beat. It also means lots of people can hide behind the scenes and throw in counterfeits since the brand is very trustworthy.

I have seen lots of Samsung phones that actually were not made by Samsung but rather just imitations.

There are so many out there that can copy the physical properties of Samsung products. However, the technical aspect remains the secret that makes the brand stand out.

Ofcourse the Android OS on the Samsung phones can be cloned as well. But theres no way anyone could clone the chipset and all the other chips that makeup a particular Samsung phone.

How To Spot Fake Samsung Smartphones

Below are the easy ways to differentiate between fake and original Samsung Smartphones.

  1. The price of fake phones is really low compared to the original ones.
  2. The fake phone screens are made from very cheap materials and they usually are not colorful and vibrant as the original ones.
  3. The home button is about half a millimeter closer to the screen on original phones than the fake ones.
  4. Gaps between Volume controls and power buttons are different on fake products to genuine ones.
  5. Most fake Samsung phones have a logo problem so it can easily peel off by rubbing.
  6. Restart the phone consistently about three to five times in a row and if it is fake, the booting time will get slower.
  7. You can also simply open the menu and slide through the apps consistently and as fast as possible. If it’s fake, the menu will either slide at a slower pace or the phone will freeze for a few seconds. You can also try this with photos in the Gallery.
  8. You can also use shortcodes like *#0*# for general testing mode. If it doesn’t open anything, then the phone is fake.

The above are simple ways to spot Fake Samsung Smartphones. The best way among all is simply searching the particular phone on Samsung’s official website and comparing the specs with what you are buying.

If you don’t know how genuine Samsung phone is supposed to operate or look, kindly take someone who is familiar with samsung products along if you want to buy a new Samsung phone.

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly leave a comment below.

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