The 4G LTE Networks In Ghana

Are you looking for the Internet Service Providers in Ghana that are currently offering 4G LTE services? Here is the list of 4G ISP in Ghana as at now. 

Note that this is not the list ranking the best 4G network in Ghana. This is a list showing the number of 4G networks in Ghana as at the time this article was written.


Busy Internet if I’m not mistaking is the oldest Internet Service Provider in Ghana with exception of other ISPs that double as Mobile Network Operators. They started operating in Ghana over 15 years now. 

Busy is not a mobile network operator so you can’t use their sim card in your phone for calls. You can only browse with it most of the time using their supported Modems or MiFi. 

Busy has 4G coverage in most of the major cities in the Greater Accra Region but there is no coverage at all in other regions. 


Surfline is also one of the 4G LTE Internet Service Providers in Ghana. According to them, they are the first 4G network to start in Ghana. Surfline launched officially in Ghana somewhere August, 2014.

There is Surfline coverage in most of the major cities in the Greater Accra Region but outside Greater Accra, there is no service. 

Just like Busy, you can only use their sim card in their supported devices but not in phones for calls. They have ten digit data numbers unlike Busy that has only six digit data numbers. 


Blu is another 4G Internet Service Provider that launched somewhere September 2014, following the launch of Surfline in Ghana.

Blue has  coverage in just few cities in Greater Accra region and no service in other regions. 

Just like all the other Internet Service Providers, strictly for browsing using their supported devices. You can’t use their sim card for calls. 


MTN is one of the best mobile network operators in Ghana. The company doubles as an Internet Service Provider and Mobile Network Operator.  

MTN has 3G coverage in almost all the cities and villages in Ghana. Ever since the launch of 4G LTE, MTN has been able to cover four Regions in Ghana. They are also the only network currently installing high speed fibre optic cable Broadband for their customers who need it. 

Since they double as mobile network operators, their sim card can equally work in phones for calls and in 4G devices including phones for browsing. 


These are currently the 4G internet providers we have in Ghana. All of them have both advantages and disadvantages. I will be talking about that in a different article. 

If you have any question or something you want to add to the list, you can easily leave a comment below.

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