What You Should Know About Aliexpress Shipping Cost

If you landed on this page, then you probably want to know more about Aliexpress standard shipping cost or you are just interested in the topic. In this new article, I want to throw some light on the Aliexpress shipping methods and the cost involved. 

First of all there are few things you need to know about Aliexpress shipping before we look at the cost involved.

Aliexpress has many other shipping methods apart from their standard and premium shipping method which is done through the company’s own logistics. If you have not read my article about the shipping methods, you check it here: Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods.

Aliexpress allows sellers to use different shipping methods aside their standard shipping in other words, the sell decides which method to use and this a lone makes it difficult to determine the cost of shipping. 

Every logistics company and how they charge. So depending on which shipping method the sell is using, you are going to pay more or less. 

Almost all logistic companies charge per the weight  of the item you are shipping but most of the time small packages which we know as parcels have fixed shipping price. 

Aliexpress shipping cost is determined by what you are buying and which shipping methods are available to choose by the seller. Most sellers use  multiple shipping methods so you will have to choose which best helps your budget. 

One thing I have also noticed about shipping cost is that the cheaper the cost of shipping, the more difficult it is to track the parcel

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