The Facebook Ad Account Hack You Should Be Aware Of

There is a Facebook Ad Account Hack going on which you should be aware of and know how you can stay safe.

There are hackers out there who are attacking Facebook Ad accounts. I can’t tell how they do it but what I know is the fact that they are able get access to your Ad account and run an ads in your account.

From The Perspective Of A Facebook Ad Account Hack Victim

As a victim, I created an Ad in my account which I usually test with just $1.00 which I did on that very day. In about an hour, I realized all my Ads stopped.

Checking on the Ad Account, I realized my account has been flagged by Facebook and also, there was an Ad created in the in the account which was boosted for $850 per day. I also realized I have spent all the threshold and even paid again which has also been exhausted.

Immediately I saw these things, I contacted Facebook and per their investigations, they confirmed that my account was compromised.

Fortunate for me, Facebook reactivated my account and refunded the money back into my bank account.

Since I was a victim, I also learnt few ways to stay safe which I will write below.

How To Prevent Ad Account from Hackers

These are the ways you can protect your account from being hacked.

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1. Enable 2-Factor Authentication

This is the first most important feature that will keep your account more secure than you can ever imagine. This feature allows you to receive a 6 digits code on your phone or into your email.

If someone tries logging into your account, you will receive this message on your phone so without it, the person will not get access to your account.

I suggest you also use only your mobile phone number for this feature. The email address is risky. The hacker could take over your email address first before trying to access your ad account with the email.

2. Change Your Password Every Month

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You have to change your Password every month. If you do this, it will make it very difficult for people to hack your account.

Anytime you change your password, Facebook automatically logs you out of all other devices that you accessed your account through hence reducing the chances of getting your account hacked.

3. Don’t Click Suspicious Links Or Download Apps You Don’t Know

Some links and apps are just baits which when you click will automatically leak your information to hackers.

Some apps are also not what they are said to be. If you install the app, it will collect all your browsing data and send it to the hacker which the hacker can use against you.

4. Make Sure You Are Logging Into or

Make sure you are signing into your Facebook account and not ‘faecebook, fecebook, ficebook, etc’ those are phishing websites which when you sign in your login information will end up in the wrong hands. Therefore making it easy for hackers to get access.


The facebook ad account hack is real and it is a very painful experience which I wouldn’t like any of my readers to go through.

Stay safe and leave a comment below if you have a question you would like me to answer

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