Simple Way To Shop Online In Ghana For Cheaper Goods

There are so many ways you can shop online in Ghana. However, you might end up loosing lots of money if you don’t take care.

Basically, there are so many things that go into online shopping and because of that it is very difficult for most people to make online shopping their option. If you have not yet read about my first online shopping tutorial, kindly click this LINK to read: How To Shop On Aliexpress

At this juncture I presume you already know how to shop online and what goes into it since I have already given you a link above to read about how to shop on Aliexpress which is also an online shop.

Simple Way To Shop Online In Ghana For Cheaper Goods

I will be giving you few points to lookout for if you really want to get cheaper goods or what we call; “Value For Money”.

1. Know the price of the item in your Local market.

First you will have to know the price of the item you would like to purchase online on the local market. This is to help you avoid spending too much online where you could have gotten the same thing at a cheaper price from your local market.

Even though there are cheaper goods online than local market, there are still more expensive goods online.

For instance; You can get a nice Polo Lacos for as little as GHS 50.00 from the local market in Ghana but a similar Polo Lacos online costs about USD 26.99 equivalent to GHS 153.67 at the time I was writing this article. Check image below.

Simple Way To Shop Online In Ghana For Cheaper Goods

2. Check Shipping Cost

You also have to check the shipping cost whenever you are shopping online. Probably, the item could be cheaper with high cost in shipping. This could make you spend more than you intend to. Check image below.

Screenshot 2020 01 10 at 9.36.56 AM
This item on the local market will cost about GHS 300.00. In here it is GHS 143.35 that is cheaper however, shipping is GHS 253.92 so at the end of the day you will be paying more than GHS 300.00 which is way too expensive.

3. Compare Price From Different Stores.

Since the whole idea here is to get the same item as cheaper as possible, you will have to compare prices from all online shops including the local market before you make a purchase.

You can search for the same product on Jumia Ghana. Go to another online store like AliExpress and search for the same item. Compare both to see which one is cheaper. Take the cheaper price and compare with the price of the same item on Banggood. You will realize that one will be way cheaper than the others so you purchase from that website.

Don’t forget to check the shipping cost and also the cost of the same item on the local market as well. In case all the prices are the same, just purchase from where you will get your item faster.


Shop online in Ghana and save lots of money in the process. Take note that there is no online shop that has cheaper goods than the other. The price of the item completely depends on what exactly you are buying from that shop.

Online shopping is both fun and also getting value for your money. In case you don’t understand something or you have few questions you would like to put out there, just leave a comment below and I will reply in no time.

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