The Ultimate ExpressPay Ghana Review

How to Withdraw from PayPal with ExpressPay Ghana

Creating a PayPal account in Ghana can be a bit tricky, and cashing out from PayPal in Ghana can feel like tackling a tough puzzle. But fear not, as we’re here to guide you through the process, making it as easy as possible.

If you’re yet to create a PayPal account, check out our guide on ‘How To Create PayPal Account in Ghana with your Ghanaian Details.’ Once you have your PayPal account ready, the next step is to withdraw your funds comfortably, and that’s where ExpressPay comes into play.

How to Withdraw from PayPal with ExpressPay Ghana

ExpressPay is a Ghanaian company that offers a website and app allowing you to transfer money, pay bills, and even cover school fees. The beauty of ExpressPay lies in its convenience, enabling you to handle transactions without leaving your cosy bed.

Do you intend to use the ExpressPay Ghana App? There are some important things you must know before using this platform.

The Ultimate ExpressPay Ghana Review

ExpressPay Ghana has been a familiar name in the system for quite some time, and many still wonder about its offerings. Let’s delve into what ExpressPay Ghana is all about and my personal experiences using this eCommerce marketplace and payment gateway.

What is ExpressPay Ghana?

ExpressPay Ghana serves as both an eCommerce marketplace and a payment gateway. In the realm of payment gateways, ExpressPay processes various cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and more.

Beyond that, it provides a user-friendly interface for topping up airtime and paying internet bills for all telecom companies in Ghana. Moreover, you can conveniently settle utility bills from your home using Visa/MasterCard or a mobile wallet. ExpressPay also facilitates sending payments from Visa/MasterCard to any mobile wallet.

Personal Experience with ExpressPay

Having used ExpressPay for about a year, I’ve transitioned from a mere tester to a dedicated customer. I regularly use ExpressPay to pay my Surfline internet bills, cash out from my Visa Card, and top up my MTN airtime. The convenience of using ExpressPay’s system at any hour, even 1 AM, for topping up airtime is a noteworthy feature. Additionally, I’ve made mobile wallet payments countless times. The swiftness of the system impresses me, ensuring I receive a success message within seconds of making a transfer.

A Few Problems I Have Encountered

Despite the positive experiences, there are a couple of drawbacks. ExpressPay lacks a direct system for cashing out from PayPal, a significant inconvenience for users with PayPal funds. Another area for improvement is the absence of an API for web developers to seamlessly integrate ExpressPay into their online stores for smoother transactions.

Why You Don’t Have to Be Afraid

The fear of using online payment systems due to trust issues is common. However, with ExpressPay, there’s no need to worry.

The company’s transparent location at 125 Atomic Road, Haatso, P.O. Box CT9874, Cantonments, Ghana, assures users that they are dealing with a legitimate entity. Knowing where to locate them and having their physical address alleviates concerns about scams.


I strongly recommend using ExpressPay for your transactions. The convenience of conducting all your financial activities from the comfort of your bed is a significant advantage. Say goodbye to long queues in banks; download the free ExpressPay app or sign up for free on their website.

Sign up using this link:

How to Withdraw from PayPal with ExpressPay Ghana

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of cashing out from PayPal using ExpressPay.

Step 1: Verify Your PayPal Account

Before anything else, ensure that your PayPal account is verified with a Visa card. This is a crucial step, as you cannot cash out from an unverified PayPal account.

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Step 2: Register for ExpressPay

If you haven’t already, register for an ExpressPay account by following the easy procedure provided on their website.

Log into your ExpressPay account and navigate to the ‘Cards’ section. Add your Visa or Mastercard, the same card you used to verify your PayPal account. ExpressPay will charge your card twice and prompt you to verify the amounts deducted. Check your bank statement or SMS alerts, click on the verification link sent to your email, and confirm the amounts. The charges will be refunded after verification.

Step 4: Transfer Money from PayPal to Card

Log into your PayPal account, click on “Transfer Money,” select “From PayPal” and “To Card” (identify your card using the last four digits). Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit. Be patient, as it might take up to three working days for the money to move from your PayPal account to your card.

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Step 5: Check PayPal Summary

Once your PayPal Summary shows “Withdrawal (Complete),” your money has successfully moved to your card.

Step 6: Log into ExpressPay

Log into your ExpressPay account.

Step 7: Send Money to Mobile Wallet

Click on ‘Send Money,’ choose the mobile network, select your card as the source of the money, and enter your mobile number as the recipient. Enter the amount in Ghana cedis, and the rest can be anything. Click ‘Send,’ and within 10 seconds, you should receive the money in your mobile money account.

Note: Charges apply when transferring to your mobile wallet, but it is still cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

ExpressPay is undoubtedly a reliable and efficient platform for managing various financial transactions. While there are minor issues to be addressed, such as the lack of a direct PayPal cash-out system and an API for web developers, the overall positive experiences and the convenience it offers make it a commendable choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free payment solution in Ghana.

And there you have it – a simple guide on how to withdraw from PayPal using ExpressPay in Ghana. We hope this tutorial makes your online transactions smoother and more accessible. Stay tuned for more helpful guides from us!

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  1. What type of bank Visa card can I use so that I can have the option to transfer funds to the card. What bank Visa card will allow me to have that feature and the account what country and type will also allow me to be able to transfer the funds into my card bro?

    1. Slimzy DeOriginal

      I will create a paypal account that you can transfer money from your paypal to your card or the other way round.. Contact me for a cool deal

    1. Slimzy DeOriginal

      You can’t receive PayPal funds directly into your mobilemoney wallet however, you can receive it into your PayPal account then lateer transfer to MobileMoney using ExpressPay

  2. To create PayPal in Ghana, just visit https://www.paypalcom/ls LS stand for Lesotho , then you chose Business account, fill in your info, when you reach enter ur business phone number choose Ghana from the list on ur left, then continue the rest

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