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How To Cash Out From PayPal To Mobile Money Using ExpressPay

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Creating PayPal in Ghana is one of the things that people find very difficult to do and that is why we are here to help you out. Cashing out from PayPal in Ghana is also another thing that is tougher than all the hustle in the PayPal system.

If you don’t yet have a paypal account, then kindly follow this procedure to get one.>>>>> How To Create PayPal Account in Ghana with your Ghanaian Details.

You can cashout from  PayPal at your comfort zone.
Me, I like doing everything from the comfort of my bed. I don’t like going out to banks to cashout or going through the hustle of sending money to the bank so I prefer a system that help me do things more easy and cheap.

Let’s take off with how to cashout from PayPal using ExpressPay.

Someone may ask, What is ExpressPay.”

ExpressPay is a Ghanaian company/Website/App that allows you transfer money, Pay internet bills, pay utility bills and even pay your school fees.
You can use Express Pay to transfer money from your bank account to your mobile money account or or from your mobile money to your bank account.
Registering for Express Pay account is very easy. Click this link and follow the procedure to register>>>> ExpressPay

Now let’s continue with tutorial.

Note: You can not cashout from a PayPal account that is not verified with a visa card.
  I assume you have signed up for ExpressPay already.

Step 1. 
 Log into your expresspay account.

Step 2.
Navigate to Cards and add your VISA or Master Card.(The card should be the same card you used to verify your PayPal account)

Note: Express Pay will charge your card two times and ask you to verify your card with the amount charged. Check your bank statement or SMS alert, click on the verification link which will be sent to you through your email address and verify the card by entering the amounts that they deducted. The charges will be refund after verification.

Step 3.
Log into your PayPal account and click on “Transfer Money.” Select From “PayPal”  and To “Card(identify your card using the last for digits of your card)“. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit.
Note: It could take upto three working days for the money to move from your PayPal account to your card.

Step 4. 
If your PayPal Summery show withdrawal(Complete),  then it means your money has moved to your card successfully. The next thing is log into your ExpressPay Account

Step 5
Click on ‘Send Money‘ and select the mobile network you want to transfer the money to.

Step 6
Select your card as the source of the money and enter your mobile number as the receipient number. Enter the amount you want to transfer in Ghana cedis. The rest, just enter anything.

Step 7
Click on Send and within 10 seconds, you should receive the money in your mobile money account. It is as simple as that.
Note: Charges apply when transferring to your mobile wallet but it is still cheap.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. Wait for my next. We are here to make life simple for the internet community.


  1. What type of bank Visa card can I use so that I can have the option to transfer funds to the card. What bank Visa card will allow me to have that feature and the account what country and type will also allow me to be able to transfer the funds into my card bro?

    • Slimzy DeOriginal Reply

      I will create a paypal account that you can transfer money from your paypal to your card or the other way round.. Contact me for a cool deal

  2. how can someone use paypal send money to my mobile money wallet

    • Slimzy DeOriginal Reply

      You can’t receive PayPal funds directly into your mobilemoney wallet however, you can receive it into your PayPal account then lateer transfer to MobileMoney using ExpressPay

  3. To create PayPal in Ghana, just visit https://www.paypalcom/ls LS stand for Lesotho , then you chose Business account, fill in your info, when you reach enter ur business phone number choose Ghana from the list on ur left, then continue the rest

  4. this is whack what card are you talking about .what type of card should we enter our last digit

  5. Esther Agyei Reply

    Please help to transfer money from my PayPal account to my mobile money wallet

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