TUT4Life Email And Everything You Must Know About It

TUT4Life email is the Tshwane University of Technology’s email accounts. This email account is a reliable one with antispam protection, 50GB email, and 1TB of SkyDrive storage.

The email is a Microsoft Premium email account so students can get access to almost all Microsoft Premium products through this email.

How To Access TUT4Life Email

Since this is an institutional email, you must be a Student of the Tshwane University of Technology to have one.

If your TUT application is successful and you are registered, you will get this email. That is the only way you can get it.

If you get your email, the first thing you must do is reset your password. Follow the procedure below to do it successfully.

  • First, go to the login page. The TUT4Life email login page should look similar to the image below.
TUT4Life email Login Page
  • Click on “Reset My Password” and enter your Student ID Number. Don’t forget to submit.
  • Enter your own password now. Make sure your password follows the criteria below.
  • Confirm your new password and submit. Wait for at least 2 minutes so the system will synchronize.

After that, you can now access your email using the New Password.

Password Criteria

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters long. But not more than 16 characters.
  • Password must contain at least 1 uppercase, lowercase, number, and a special symbol.
  • The Password must not contain your full name or Student ID Number.
  • You must not use four consecutive numbers in your password.

It is recommended that you change your password at least once every 160 days.

How To Check Your Student Email

There are many ways you can check your student email. The easiest way is to simply visit portal.microsoftonline.com in any web browser and log in with your email address and password.

Also, note that it is a Microsoft Premium email so you can use any of the Microsoft Premium products including Office 365

If you are using a mobile phone, then you can easily download the Outlook App from the Playstore or App store.

You must use your email address and password to log in as well.


The TUT4Life email is a “one-of-a-kind” email address for TUT students. If you have it, you have access to Microsoft Premium products and access to all TUT’s platforms including TUT ITS Enabler.

The 1TB SkyDrive is for keeping your files in the cloud so that you won’t find yourself in trouble if you misplace your Pendrive.

Do you have any questions in mind that my article didn’t answer? Kindly ask it in the comment box.

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