Best UCT Online Application Process For New Applicants

UCT online application is open so if you are looking forward to studying at the University of Cape Town, apply now. The process is very easy and simple to follow.

If you landed on this page, then you are probably interested in the UCT online application. I am very happy to be of great help concerning the topic.

Everything you want to know about the UCT online application is here on this page. Read through and learn how to file a successful application.

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The University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town, simply UCT is a public research university in the heart of Cape Town, a province of South Africa. UCT is the oldest higher education institution in South Africa since it was founded in 1829 under the name “South African College”.

The university offers a variety of courses for both domestic and international students.

UCT has very innovative and essential platforms to help make learning easier for its students. Some of the facilities and platforms include;

  • The UCT Library – A very innovative network of libraries with materials to help make learning easier for students.
  • UCT Email – A Premium Microsoft email account that allows users to access Premium Microsoft features for free.
  • VULA – A student portal to help students manage their academic activities from their own comfort zone.

These and many other facilities and platforms are available for students at the University of Cape Town for free.

UCT online application opening and closing dates

The UCT online application opens from 1 May to 31 August of the year. During this period all new applicants must submit their applications online or by traditional post mail.

The above states the closing date for applications but there are other closing dates that differ from the one above affecting applicants depending mostly on what they want to study.

For instance, students writing The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) have different application and closing dates.

In short, always check the Key Dates Page from the University of Cape Town to know the exact dates.

UCT online application process

You can file the UCT online application in three different ways so you have to check the most convenient and useful way.

There is the option to file your application online by filling out a form on the UCT website. You can also download the form, fill it and send it through an email address.

There is also a postal address you can send your files or deliver the application to the UCT admission office in person.

All these options are available to help you file your UCT online application very easily. Choose the most convenient way to file your application.

Application requirements

There are certain conditions you must meet before filing an application to the University of Cape Town. There are both monetary and document requirements that must be met.

Take a close look at the UCT online application fee requirements

UCT online application fee requirements

  • The application fee is R100 for South African applicants and all other applicants within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
  • For applicants who are outside the SADC, the application fee is R300.
  • Graduate School of Business applicants within South Africa and all the other African countries will also pay R1750 for the application fee.
  • Graduate School of Business applicants outside the African continent get to pay USD300 for the application fee.

Note that the application fee is not refundable and can be paid by direct bank deposit, Credit Card, or EFT. No matter the payment method, make sure you always quote your application number as a reference.

Use this link to check for the University of Cape Town banking details. Make sure you get the correct information before you perform any transaction.

UCT documents requirements

You must make ready a copy of the following documents. If you are applying online, then you should make a scanned copy.

  • All results from Grade 11 to Grade 12 or any other higher results.
  • A copy of your ID Card or Passport

Yeah! That is pretty much everything. You can also check the UCT Prospectus to be sure of all the requirements.

UCT online application procedure

You will need an active email address and a reliable internet connection for this one.

  • To submit your application online, visit the application page. You should see a page similar to the one in the screenshot below.
UCT online application
  • Make sure you fill the form with the correct details since the information you will provide will be the same information on your profile throughout your University life.
  • If you are unable to complete your application online, you can also download the application form, complete form and email it to [email protected]

Make sure you attach a softcopy of all your documents in case you want to send your application via the email above.

Post Mail Delivery

To deliver the application to the University of Cape Town by traditional Post Mail, you must first download the form, print and complete it.

After carefully completing the form, address it to:

Postal address

Admissions Office
University of Cape Town
c/o Bremner Building Lower Campus
South Africa

You can also deliver it to the following address if you want to go there by yourself.

Physical address

Admissions Office
University of Cape Town
Level 4
Masingene Building
Middle Campus
Cape Town
South Africa

How to check UCT online application status

After every application, the best way to check your progress is to monitor the decision on your application.

With the UCT Online application, you will receive emails about your application status so you must monitor your email. You also get unique credentials to check your application status online.

These credentials come shortly after UCT has received your application. Always monitor your account to know if you are making progress.

If you have any issues, always call: +27 (0)21 650 2128

UCT accommodation

There are available accommodations for applicants. Both on-campus and off-campus residences. UCT has different types of accommodations for undergraduates and postgraduate applications.

These are accommodations are grouped into three different tiers.

First-tier residence (Full catering)

This particular accommodation is especially for undergraduates who are below 21 years. The residence caters to the students, providing them with up to three meals per day.

The residence has a gaming space, space for socializing, and sometimes, access to a swimming pool.

Second-tier residence (senior catering or self-catering)

Second-tier residences provide accommodation for senior undergraduates and postgraduate students. Usually, the residents come in a form of 2 to 4-bedroom flats. Private bedroom spaces but other spaces including a television room will be shared with other students.

The structure available helps students to transition smoothly from being catered for into complete independent living. Catering Residences provide up to 3 meals per day in a dining hall.

Third-tier residence (semi-autonomous self-catering)

The third-tier residences give you a feel of living an independent life. This type of accommodation is purposely for senior postgraduate students. The residents have wardens who help maintain the residence community standards.

There is easy access to campuses and public transport regarding the location of the residence. Self-catering is the only available option under this tier.

Apart from the above options, there are residences available for students with disabilities and students with spouses or dependents. All information on these can be found on the UCT student housing webpage.

UCT accommodation application

Filing your accommodation application along with your UCT online application is the best option. This will allow you to get residence allocation as soon as your application is approved.

To file your UCT accommodation application, simply visit the UCT residence application page and read the criteria for getting accommodation. After reading, the rest is a very simple process.

UCT online application FAQs

Probably you have questions that you might want answers for. I have answered some of the questions you must have. In case you do not find the answers to your questions, kindly leave them in the comment box and I will answer them as early as possible.

Is UCT online application open?

UCT online application opens between May and August every year so if you are searching for information about UCT online application closing or opening date, then this is the information you are looking for.


To summarize everything, you should always check the prospectus even before you start reading about the application process.

You must also make sure you meet all the requirements. Submit all your documents because that will increase your chances of getting admission.

If you face any problem along the line, make sure you contact the admission helpline. If you have any questions or suggestions you can also leave a comment below.

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