UFH Online Application Processes and Requirements

UFH online application is open and anyone who wants to study at the University of Fort Hare can apply and study. Here is a simple guide to help you through the process.

There are so many things you must know about the University of Fort Hare before filing your application. In this article, I am going to help you through the entire process.

Application Opening and Closing Dates

UFH application opening and closing dates are affected greatly by the spaces available and what you want to study. Usually, the application opens in early July and closes latest by late November. (Note: That is not how long the period lasts)

Each application opening period lasts for close to two months depending on the spaces available. Depending on what you want to study, the application opening dates vary. For instance, Undergraduate applications might open between July and September while Postgraduates start from early October to November.

Not to make things difficult for you, you can always check the Fort Hare online application dates on their website.

UFH Online Application

Here is everything that you must know about the University of Fort Hare Online application. We will be looking at the requirements, documents, fees, and processes.

Document Requirements

The best way to know the requirements is to check the UFH Prospectus. It will also give you the individual faculty requirements. For now, I will list the document requirements for you.

Since this is an online application, you must prepare a soft copy of all the documents before you start filing your application.

  • First, you need an Identity document. SA ID for South Africans and Passport for International applicants.
  • You also need your Grade 12 results or equivalent.
  • National Benchmark Test is also considered.

These are the requirements. However, there is more to the requirements for individual faculties than just these two documents. That is why you must also check the UFH prospectus before you start filing your application.

UFH online application fee requirements

The University of Fort Hare application fee is a fixed non-refundable amount of R120 which is payable by direct deposit to the University’s account. However, the late application fee is R250. You will find the account number on the University’s Application page.

It is also important to scan and upload your deposit slip along with your documents.

Application Process

After you have scanned all the documents you need for your application, you must also make available an active internet connection, mobile number, and email address.

You should also allocate about an hour for the process.

  • Click on “Apply Online
  • Fill the form with your correct information and also make sure you read all terms and conditions before you accept them.

The University of Fort Hare will send you an SMS alert updating you on your application status right after completing the form.

Apart from filing your application online, you can also download the application form, fill and submit it along with your documents to the University of Fort Hare admission office.

  • Click on “Application Forms
  • Click on the form you want to download being it Undergraduate or Postgraduate to download it.
  • Print, fill and submit it along with your documents to the University of Fort Hare Admission office.

Check Application Status

Completing the form is just one phase of the process. Your form will have to go through various consideration processes before the University can finally grant you admission.

After completing the form, you will have to keep tracking your status.

  • Click on “Check Your Status
  • Enter your student number and password which you will receive right after registration.

If you successfully log in, you should be able to see the status of your application. You will also have access to be able to change and update any information you want on your profile.

If you have any issues with the application, you should always call +27 (0)43 704 7139.

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