What is JSTOR? – How Do You Use JSTOR?

JSTOR stands for “Journal Storage”. It is an online library that has a collection of academic journals dating as far back as the 19th Century.

There are thousands of research text journals to support students across the entire world. These collections include Archival Journal Collections and Current Scholarship Program contents.

The publishers of the contents of this library are usually Universities from over 160 countries.

Is JSTOR Free?

Yes, JSTOR is free but with conditions. The JSTOR library has so many collections that are available to students and all types of readers.

While some of the collections are in the public domain free for Open Access readers, most of the contents are strictly subscription-based.

The Open Access also has a limit to the number of materials one can read in a month which is currently 100 reads per month. This limit use to be six reads per month.

There is also a license for institutions including Public libraries, Universities, etc where the JSTOR license covers them sharing the contents with their patrons.

How To Register JSTOR Library

Registration is very easy and free for individuals who want to make good use of the online Library’s contents.

To register, simply visit the registration page.

How To Register JSTOR Library

During the registration, you can choose to use your Gmail account for easier registration or fill a form.

After the registration, the page redirects you to where you can search for the contents you want to read.

Search for your contents

After signing up, you can read up to 100 articles online for free per month. You can even save it for later but you cannot download the articles.

If you want free ebooks to download online, You can check this article.

Some of the articles are for sale so you can purchase which will give you full access to download the particular item anytime. You can also subscribe which will give you unlimited free access to all Journals plus ten downloads.


There are so many things one can use JSTOR content for. The main use is always for educational purposes.

The articles in the library are mostly research works done by scholars since the 19th Century. This means that the contents are knowledge-packed.

If what you are after is knowledge in a specific field, then this online library is the best place.

There are also historical artworks among the collections in the JSTOR. This makes it possible to use the library as one of the means to unravel some historic mysteries and events.

Wits Press

The University of Witwatersrand is one of the South African publishers of the JSTOR.

Wits Press is one of the major historical collections dating back to 1922 where it started. The Wits Press is said to be the oldest University Press in South Africa.

There are lots of Journals on Wits Press to help students get easy access to past research materials.

While this might not be part of Wits Libraries, it is on the JSTOR and free to access by students. This is the link to access Wits Press.

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