Best WSU Online Application Guide

You need the best information to increase your chances of success when filing your WSU online application. This guide will give you all the information you need to help file your application.

So, you’re all set to kickstart your academic adventure at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in sunny South Africa? Awesome choice! Our super-easy WSU online application process is here to make your journey to WSU a breeze. This step-by-step guide has got your back, ensuring you have a smooth ride from start to finish. Let’s dive in and get you on the fast track to success!

I have written about many university online applications including TUT online application and CPUT online application. This article will walk you through the simple steps to file your WSU online application.

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WSU online application closing dates

One of the most important things you must know before filing your application is the WSU online application closing dates. If the application closes, you won’t be able to file that is why it is very important.

Usually, the applications open earliest by the beginning of April each year and close by 31 October each year. You should also note that not all applications open and close during this period. All the individual courses have their own closing periods which means some of them will open and close earlier than the usual closing time. The best way to know if the program you want to apply for has closed its applications is by checking the WSU prospectus.

Everything you would want to know about the application dates is in the prospectus. I wrote a full WSU prospectus guide earlier and that should help you find the information you need. 

Explore programs and requirements

Before starting the online application, we recommend taking some time to explore the wide range of programs offered by WSU. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s available and what might be the best fit for you. WSU offers a variety of programs in fields such as arts, sciences, business, and technology, each with its unique set of courses and opportunities.

As you explore the different programs, it’s important to keep in mind the admission requirements for your desired program. These requirements may include academic qualifications, such as a certain GPA or standardized test scores, as well as any required supporting documents, such as transcripts or letters of recommendation.

By taking the time to thoroughly research the different programs and their admission requirements, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about which program to apply to. Plus, you’ll have a better sense of what the program entails, what you’ll be learning, and what opportunities will be available to you after graduation.

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How to check the academic requirements

To check if you meet the academic requirements, follow the procedure below.

Visit the official WSU website. You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.


Go to Undergraduate Programmes>> New Students>> and click on “How to Apply: The Process” and this should land you on the application page. On this page, you will have the academic requirements for all the available programmes. Make sure you go through to know if you qualify for the programme before you start filing your application.

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How to apply

Filing your application is very simple especially when you follow the procedure systematically. Before you go ahead with the procedure, make sure you have the following items ready.

1. Personal details
2. Address of next of kin
3. Address of the person responsible for the account
4. Email addresses are compulsory
5. All documents must be saved as soft copies for uploading.

  • If you have all these in place, visit the official application page. Use this method only if this is your first time filing a WSU online application. The page should look similar to the on in the screenshot below.
How to apply
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see the WSU online application form link there. Click on it and start filing your application.
  • As soon as you click the Proceed link on the next page, you should get access to the WSU online application form.
  • Make sure you fill out the form with your correct details. Also, your email and phone number for filling out the form must be active since that is where the university will send your confirmations.
  • When done, submit the form and wait for the application status. It should take a week or more for the University to process your application.


Here, I will answer some of the questions people frequently ask about the WSU online application. If you have a question that has not been answered here, kindly leave it in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

How long does it take for WSU to process applications?

Sometimes how long it takes for your application to be processed depends on how early you submit your application. Usually, applications are processed in less than a month.

What should I do if I have a problem with the WSU online application?

There might be a problem with the application. If you find yourself in such situations, simply contact the admission office. Telephone +27 (0) 43 709 4000/+27 (0) 43 708 5200
WhatsApp +27 (0) 79 378 3102 (Registration only).


Knowing how to file your application and filing it on time as well is very important if you want to gain admission to Walter Sisulu University. Always make sure you follow the procedure as I have outlined on this page.

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