What You Should Look At When Buying A Smartwatch

Are you a runner? Here we share some considerations you should know if you want to have this device.

One of the physical activities that has become quite popular is running, as it is an exercise suitable for all audiences and can be done outdoors while maintaining the necessary distance. The number of amateur runners has increased rapidly and they have become the most demanding users by demanding gadgets that provide more data and news.

Due to this growth, new products and accessories come onto the market more frequently. For example, smart watches, which have a huge variety of functions that can be very confusing for people when buying one. For this reason, G-SHOCK, the world’s toughest watch brand, gives us some essential tips for choosing a smartwatch that suits your needs and your level of experience.

Beginner level

If your goal is to stay healthy and you are just entering the world of running, you will need a watch that complies with elementary functions such as counting calories and steps, timers and tracking your activity through an application. These basic facts are enough for someone not looking to take their workouts to a high level. A smartwatch with these functions is ideal for people who decide to run at a low intensity and some days of the week to stay in good physical condition.

Intermediate level

If you are a runner who takes the evolution of your performance more seriously, you will need a watch that can store the information of your workouts. In addition to looking for a watch that has the basic functions mentioned in the previous point, G-SHOCK recommends a watch that can measure distances, laps and that can send notifications at any time so that you are always connected, aware of your physical condition and level of progress.

Advanced level

If you are looking to maximize your workouts and take them to a more professional level, you need a watch that has more advanced technological features, that has intelligent sensors that can record aspects such as speed, cadence, heart rate, intensity levels and oxygen, among others. For example, a watch that has GPS, an optical sensor that measures the heart rate, as well as a model that detects the blood flow of the body and measures the pulse rate during training is ideal. For all this, runners who are at an advanced level need a watch that provides all this information to know if they should decrease or increase the level of exercise, according to their objectives.

G-SHOCK recommends the GBA-800 / GBD-800 and GMA-B800 / GMD-B800 models from the G-SQUAD sports line, for people looking to enter the world of running at a basic level and looking for elementary functions. For those who want a more developed training, the new watches in the G-SQUAD line , the GBD-100 and GBD-H1000 models, are ideal for users who are at an intermediate level and for professional athletes who are at a more advanced level. These watches have a series of benefits and sensors that are ideal for runners, cyclists or triathletes who perform long-term activities.

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