Google Launches Phone By Google, A TrueCaller Alternative For You To Identify Who Is Calling

Will it be the end of TrueCaller? The new Caller ID created by Google has some very cool features.

If unknown numbers usually ring you and you don’t want to answer, you will be interested to know that Google has just launched an application , exclusively for Android devices , that will allow you to identify calls and block them, in case they are spam .

The ‘ Phone by Google – Caller ID and antispam’ , as this new app is called, seeks to dethrone other programs such as ‘ Truecaller ‘, which have the same function. To do this, he added some improvements that will surely interest you.

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According to Andro4all, a portal specialized in technology, the application shows you the name of the person who is ringing. In case it is a company, the logo and reason for the call will also appear (if available).

If the company that calls you is trustworthy, their logo should appear; However, if it is an untrustworthy brand, you will see a warning of a possible spam call, which you can block very easily.

According to the post, Google’s caller ID was only available for some phones (Pixel and OnePlus); however, the application has just been updated and is now widely supported

It will be enough to have a smartphone with Android 9.0 or a higher operating system. If you meet this requirement, you can download the app in the Play Store, you can also find it by entering this link.

Once you have installed ‘ Phone by Google – Caller ID and Antispam’, you will have to open the application, choose the option ‘Set as default’ and then ‘Set default’.

To configure all the filters, you will have to enter the ‘Settings’ of your smartphone and write the name of the app. Then you will have to choose it so that it is in charge of identifying the calls from your cell phone.

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