Worldremit Hack – True Or Scam?

Lately, I have been seeing lots of people posting about a worldremit hack where they will hack and send you money through MTN MobileMoney. Let’s take a look at what they are trying to say and how exactly the whole system works.

What Is Worldremit?

In order to understand everything, we must first know what exactly the topic is all about and how it works.

The worldremit is actually a system that allows you to make international transactions in which case, you can receive the funds through MobileMoney in Ghana. The transaction is made through their website or their mobile app. Meaning someone will have to send their own money before it is converted into Cedis to hit your account.

The hack

There is no much of serious ID verification so most people tend to explore that to their advantage.

Note: The information I’m about to reveal is only for informational purposes and not to be used for any dubious transactions.

The transaction is processed by moving money from your Credit, Visa or Master card through the app and the fund is deposited into your specified account at the destination country.

People explore this by getting Hacked/stolen credit cards and then transferring the money from the hacked/stolen card to their specified account in the destination country.

There are so many websites out there that claim to sell stolen/hacked credit cards and some people are really fending from it.

There are some key points you need to to know here.

When a transaction is made, it could take about 24 hours before the transaction will reach the destination account. Also, it is almost impossible to know how much money is in a hacked or stolen credit card.

Transactions can be tracked either from the sender’s account or receipient’s account so you could easily get arrested intercepting a fraudulent transaction.

With all these information available to you now, lets take a good look at the main topic here.

There are lots of people out there claiming they are doing world-remit transactions whereby you will pay small amount of money and they will send you huge amount of money by international remittance.

I can’t tell myself if it is fraud or true. However, we can know that by simply analyzing some of their posts and how the world-remit system works. Take a good look at the screenshots below.

Per the post, you are going to get GHS 1500 if you purchase GHS 100 worth of Credit Card and GHS 2500 for GHS 250 worth. Aside the fact that the profit is too outrageous, the screenshots reveal even more secrets.

When you look at their posts, you will realize their comments are disabled and if you should tilt your screen a bit, you will realize the background of the writings are not in the same colour. That means either the eraser tool or brushtool in Photoshop has been used to erase something.

Assuming It Is Real

Assuming it is true that they will send you the promised amount. It is likely you might get yourself into trouble with the law.

Money doesn’t grow on trees so definitely, you are not supposed to keep any money you didn’t work for. This is an international transaction and you think it is coming straight from outside into your MobileMoney wallet. But behind the scenes, Bank Of Ghana will have to intercept and verify the transaction before it hits your account.

Definitely the person who claims to be some sort of hacker actually did that over VPN (Spoofing his/her location). Any traces of criminal conduct will directly link to you, the receivers account and you might end up in jail before you even understand what happened.

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