How To Turn Any Micro SD Card Into An SSD

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have become more expensive over time. Basically, there is a way to get one for an even cheaper price. The SSD comes with lots of benefits for your device. I will delve into that in this article so you will know the reasons why you must get one.

Why Do You Need An SSD?

Before you go on, let me take you back into the technology of the past.

How To Turn Any Micro SD Card Into An SSD

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) were made up of disk platters, headers, and a magnet. The platters serve as the storage media while the headers read and write the information to the platter disks.

The magnets control both the movement of the headers and also spin the disks. Of course, all the precise movements can not be achieved without a well-programmed control board.

What you get from HDD is a very heavy metal box. To protect the heads and platters from crushing, everything is fixed and locked into a metal box.

The problem is Hard Disk Drive is the fact that it is heavy. Because the disks need to spin, large amount of electric power is needed to spin them.

Just adjusting the HDD slightly while the disks are still spinning could cause it to crush and they start making noise over time.

Sometimes efficiency is very low due to the fact that the disks need to spin for a period of time to be able to read or write a particular size of data.


Solid State Drive, on the other hand, is made with advance storage technology in mind. The same technology that is used in making TF cards and RAM.

It is made with tiny memory chips fixed to a control board. Because there are no disks to spin, this type drive works at the speed of light. Even the little power from an OTG cable can run it.

With the above information in mind, now let’s learn how we can build our own Solid State Drive from scratch.

How To Turn Any Micro SD Card Into An Solid State Drive

Let’s begin the journey by listing the items we will need to complete this process.

  1. TF Card at least 32 GB
  2. TF Card to SATA converter
  3. SATA Case

These are the three things we need in order to complete the task at hand.


You can get a SanDisk TF Card 16GB to 512GB from here…. For as cheap as USD $28 for 200GB.

Now matter where you are purchasing your card, I recommend you purchase SanDisk or Samsung.

How To Turn Any Micro SD Card Into An SSD

The next item we need is a TF Card to SATA adapter. The reason why we are choosing this particular SATA adapter is because it has expandable slots. Meaning you can turn as many as four TF Cards into one single Solid State Drive.

Don’t worry about the partition table. This adapter is programmed to merge all the TF Cards into one partition so you can resize the storage space to fit your expectation.

This adapter also comes with the Case so there is no need purchasing the case separately.

Get the adapter for AliExpress for as little as USD $14.

When these two items arrive, just get a screw driver and assemble. You just made yourself an SSD.

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