5 Awesome Things You Can Only Do With The MTN TurboNet Router

There are so many things you can do with the MTN Turbonet Router which basically you can’t do with most routers. In this article, I will give you five awesome things you can do with the device.

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1. Balance Checking And USSD Services.

On most routers, you can’t check balance or use any USSD service on the Router dashboard. With the Turbonet router, you can check your balance or dial all supported USSD codes directly from the router Dashboard.

To do that, Login into the Dashboard with your username and password. When done, you click on the “My MTN” tab. You will see ” My MTN Services” . There you can check balance, recharge with scratch card or use any supported USSD service. Check image below.

How To Check Balance With MTN Turbornet router

2. You can use Multiple WiFi/WLAN Channels On The Go (Up to 4)

The Turbonet unlike other routers gives you the option to use Multiple WiFi/WLAN channels on the go with different names and passwords but connecting to the same device.

With this feature when you turn On all the four channels, people trying to connect to your device will see four different WiFi channels to connect to.

To access this feature, you click on Settings from the router dashboard >> WLAN>>>>WLAN Basic settings>> Edit (In the options Column) >>>> Check the ‘On’ radio button to turn on.

multiple WiFi Channels on Turbonet

3. Checking Devices Connected To Your Router And Blocking Strangers

Basically you can do this with the Huawei HiLink app which most people prefer but doing it with the router dashboard is more like alternative if the phone is not closer.

To do this, just open the router dashboard, click on Settings >>>> Security>>>> Device Management.

You will see all the devices that are currently connected to the router, the ones that are offline and you also have the option to block .

To block a device from connecting to your router, just click on ‘Block’ from the ‘Operation’ column in front of the device you would like to block. Check screenshot below.

how to blacklist people on your router

4. Domain Name Filter

The domain name filter is a feature that is use to block the router from accessing specific websites.

Probably you are using the device at a workplace or in a school were you don’t want the students or staffs to access social media platforms. This feature can allow you to prevent them from accessing those websites.

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To do this, click on settings >>> Security>>> Domain Name Filter. Make sure the ‘Blacklist’ radio button is active than click the ‘Add’ button below the table to add the domain you would like to blacklist.

how to blacklist a domain on the turbonet device

Type the domain name you would like to blacklist in the table under the ‘Domain Name’ Column, Click on the ‘Off’ dropdown under the ‘Status’ column and select ‘On’. Click on ‘Apply‘ after everything to activate the settings.

how to blacklist websites on the turbonet router

5. Parental Control

This is one important feature most routers don’t have. Parental control allows specific devices to access internet through the router within specific period of time and also you get to control the websites your kids can access.

To do this, you click on settings from the router dashboard, click on settings and click on Parental Control.

Screenshot 2019 11 17 at 7.43.59 PM 1

Inside the parental control dashboard, click on ‘Add’ in the ‘Internet Access Time Control’ dashboard.

Screenshot 2019 11 17 at 7.44.50 PM 1

The list of devices that have connected your Turbonet router will popup then you check the one that you want to limit time access to and set the time range you would like to limit time access. Don’t forget to check the days of the week you would like the access to be limited till.

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