5 Reasons Why I Choose Tecno Phones Over iPhones

I have already declared my love for Tecno phones a very long time ago. I don’t know why I’m so much in love with this phone brand but sometimes looking at it from the view of someone who has been and is still a tech addict, I will say I have more than a thousand reasons to love Tecno mobile phones.

Earlier on, I talked about why I threw away my expensive smartphone for cheap tecno smartphone.    If you have not read that yet, then you can  use the link to check.

I don’t think my love for the brand is going to die anywhere soon except maybe there is another brand of phone that could kill that love. Not only do I love the blue colour but also the quality of every device I have ever purchased from this particular brand.

I don’t know what exactly you lookout for when buying gadgets especially mobile or smartphones but I’m sure you always expect the gadget you buy to live up to the task you are buying it for. That is exactly what I lookout for when buying every gadget even if not mobile gadgets.

Without wasting much time, lets look at exactly why we are here.

5 Reasons Why I Choose Tecno Phones Over iPhones

Cheap but fit for the task

One reason why I love this brand so much is because their products are very cheap. Most people go by the sayings; “Cheap gadgets are of low quality”. Well, I have bought cheap gadgets that were of low quality many times but I have bought expensive gadgets that were of low quality as well so with me, I think the only time price matters is if you can’t afford and that is the main reason why you just have to go for cheap but up to the task.

If I am talking about up to the task, I’m talking about what exactly you want to use the phone for. With Tecno phones, there is a gadget for everybody. There is one for selfie lovers, one for the games lovers, one for the tech geeks, one for the social media users and also for the video lovers. All for a very cheap price.


I don’t tend to purchase from this brand just because of the tecno phone prices. I long for quality and if its cheap but quality, then I’m in. Tecno is not one of those phones that freeze until the battery automatically drains. Tecno comes with quality inside, outside and software wise.

Strong Battery

This is one reason why this mobile brand is very good for games lovers and social media addicts. Unlike other phone brands that will give low battery signal with just few hours of usage, tecno is known for it’s battery quality.

If you are someone who uses the phone for more than an hour without turning of the screen then you should seriously lookout for battery quality when purchasing mobile devices. I have used tecno phones over and over again but I don’t remember the last time I had problem with my battery.

Light speed Charging

This is the best part. Most of the expensive brands introduced light speed charging but Tecno never dropped out of the competition. My current high quality Tecno CX has a light speed charging function.

Even though most people do believe that the shorter time spent on charging depends on how fast the battery will drain. Yes, I also use to believe that until I started using this Tecno CX. The shorter time it takes to charge, the longer it last that is exactly what Tecno proved.


Apart from few of the expensive brands out there, this is the only cheap brand that I know that comes with choices for the customers. The packaging from cute box size to the neat and bright colour of the device casing all make the customer love the gadget even more.

There are a lot of brands out there that comes with only one colour  but with tecno, you have different colours of the phone to choose from. Most brands come all black with no choice for the customer to select.

Aside the look of the device, I like the inside of the box. Unlike other brands that will just place the device and all the accessories into the box just like that, Tecno boxes are divided into chambers hence making each accessory separate from the device itself and all the other accessories in the box. There is also a free removable phone case in the box for every Tecno phone you buy.


I really love tecno phones and these are just few of the reasons why I am in love with the brand. If you also have any view about this brand, you can share it in the comment section below.

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