How To Perform MTN Mobile Money PIN Reset

Have you forgotten your mobile money PIN code or mistakenly blocked it? You can actually perform a mobile money pin reset without calling the MTN call center. Yeah! You heard me right. You can actually perform a Mobile Money pin reset without calling anyone.

If you landed on this page in hopes of performing a mobile money pin reset by yourself, then you are on the right page. In this article, I give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to reset your MTN MoMo PIN for free without any struggle.

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How To Perform MTN Mobile Money Pin Reset

Before you can reset your own mobile money pin, you must first register a number also known as a recovery number before you can perform the reset.

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How To Register MTN MoMo PIN Reset Recovery Number

  1. Dial *170# and select Option 6 (My Wallet)
  2. Select Option 5 (Change & Reset Pin)
  3. Select Option 2 (Reset Pin)
  4. Select Option 1 (Self Pin Reset)
  5. Select Option 1 (Add Recovery Contact)
  6. Now type any number that you own. It could be any other network but it should be an active number and not the same number you are resetting the PIN code on.
  7. Enter your current Mobile Money pin code to confirm
  8. Enter OTP (One Time Password) which is a code that will be sent to the number you entered so you will have to check your other number to confirm the code.
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The procedure to perform a MoMo PIN reset

Before you can reset your mobile money PIN code, you must first add a recovery number first if not, you will not be able to reset it. I have outlined the process to add your recovery number above.

  1. Dial *170# and select Option 6 (My Wallet)
  2. Select Option 5 (Change & Reset Pin)
  3. Select Option 2 (Reset Pin)
  4. Select Option 1 (Self Pin Reset)
  5. Select Option 1 (Add Recovery Contact)
  6. Select Option 4 (Reset Pin) A temporary password will be sent to your recovery number.
  7. Input the temporary password
  8. Now input the four-digit new numbers you would like to use as your PIN code and repeat

Note: You can’t use the same code you have used before.

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The above procedure is a way to perform a self-pin reset without contacting the customer service center on MTN. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below and I will reply in no time.

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MTN MoMo pin reset FAQs

At this juncture, I will try my best to answer most of the questions that might arise from the MTN mobile money pin reset as a topic. If I am unable to answer a question you have in mind, you can easily let me know about the question in the comment box. I promise to answer your question as soon as possible.

What is the secret code in MTN MoMo?

The secret code as used in MTN MoMo is a four-digit PIN code that serves as your password when accessing your MTN Mobile Money account.
This code is chosen by the user after activation and can be changed to whatever digits the user deems fit. However, this code can not be repeated numbers eg. 1111,3333, 0000, or 1234.

How do I find my MoMo code?

Unfortunately, you cannot find your MTN MoMo code anywhere in case you forget it. Even MTN Ghana does not know your MTN MoMo code and there is no system available to retrieve it.
The only available system is the one that can only help you perform a complete Mobile Money pin reset.

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If you mistakenly locked your MTN Mobile Money account, then you must follow this simple procedure to reset it. It is also very important to note that if you have not set a recovery number before getting your account blocked, you can’t reset the PIN by yourself.

If your account is not blocked yet, then take this opportunity to set a recovery number. In case it gets blocked, you can easily reset it by yourself.

If for some reason, you couldn’t set a recovery number, then you will have to contact the MTN contact center number. I have written a full tutorial on how to contact MTN in an earlier guide.

54 thoughts on “How To Perform MTN Mobile Money PIN Reset”

    • If you have not added your recovery number before it got blocked, then the procedure won’t work but if you did, then it should work. Apart from that, you can call 100 for more info.

  1. Please I don’t remember my last transaction date and the amount,so how do I answer this question when i visit the office?

    • If you visit the office, you won’t answer that question however if you call 100, You will have to answer that question sometimes.

    • If you have added a recovery number, then follow the procedure above but if not, then you have to replace your ID card in order to reset your pin code.

  2. I’ve been trying to reset my pin for the past weeks but the system keeps rejecting it saying my recovery number isn’t correct. I’ve been using my own active numbers as such but can’t process it. What should I do since the MOMO line is an office use.

  3. With the current momo pin that you have to enter to confirm is it the one that has been blocked or the pin of the recovery number you added?

  4. With the reset of momo pin the point 7 which code are you to enter
    Is it the blocked one or the recovery number pin code?

  5. My momo pin is blocked and I don’t have the id used to register the sim because the sim was given to me by my boss. According to him he bought it from person he don’t know. Now his not minding me because it’s my money that is blocked
    Wat do I do to get my money back.


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