Top 5 Cheapest MTN Data Plans in Ghana

Do you want something cheaper? Check out these top 5 cheapest MTN data plans in Ghana! Downloading and streaming shouldn’t be expensive.


Having access to the internet and data connectivity is crucial, whether for work, education or entertainment purposes. However, data plans can be quite expensive, putting a strain on people’s budgets. This is especially true in Ghana, where incomes are lower on average compared to other parts of the world.

The good news is that with the right data plan, you can stay connected without breaking the bank! One of the most popular mobile networks in Ghana is MTN, which offers a variety of data bundle options at affordable rates. This makes MTN an excellent choice for those seeking the cheapest data plans in Ghana.

Can’t read the entire article, here some Key Takeaways
MTN Ghana provides affordable data plans catering to various needs and budgets.
Consider data amount, validity, price, and activation convenience when selecting a budget-friendly plan.
Top 5 affordable MTN data plans: Midnight Bundle, Just4You Deal, Zone Bundle, Turbonet Data Bundles, Flexi Video Bundle.
MTN Midnight Bundle: Offers 7.5GB nighttime data for GHS 3, extremely cost-effective.
MTN Just4You: Exclusive discounted deals available to subscribed users.
MTN Zone Bundle: Tailored discounts on data and calls based on location.
Turbonet Data Bundles: 30-50% lower rates for MTN Turbonet device users.
Tips to maximize cheap data bundles: Stream at lower quality, disable background apps, use WiFi when available, and schedule downloads during off-peak hours.
Tips to maximize cheap data bundles: Stream at lower quality, disable background apps, use WiFi when available, schedule downloads during off-peak hours.

In this article, we discuss the top 5 most affordable MTN data plans in Ghana. We look at key details like included data amounts, validity periods, prices, and ease of activation. Our goal is to help you find the perfect MTN data plan aligned with your connectivity needs and budget.

Whether you are looking to browse social media, stream videos, or download content, there is a cheap MTN data bundle suitable for you. Let’s explore the best options for saving money while staying connected on Ghana’s favourite mobile network!

What is the cheapest data plan for MTN Ghana?

The cheapest data plan for MTN Ghana is the MTN Just4U offer. It might be the cheapest but the packages are not fixed. You only get what the system sets for you so there is no way you can choose which package you want to subscribe.

Key Factors To Consider

When exploring cheap data plans, there are a few essential factors you should consider before making a decision. Getting familiar with these key details will help ensure you select the right affordable data bundle for your specific needs.

1. Data Amount 

The data amount refers to the total gigabytes (GB) or megabytes (MB) included in a plan. In general, the more data a bundle includes, the better value it provides. Think about your typical data usage when browsing, streaming, downloading, etc. and pick a plan with ample inclusion for your needs.

2. Validity Period 

This indicates the number of days your data plan will remain active after purchase. Plans with longer validity mean your data allowance can last over an extended timeframe. Depending on your usage frequency, choose validity periods aligned with when you require connectivity.

3. Price 

Of course, one of the most critical points to assess is the price of the plan. Cheaper plans allow you to save money while still accessing MTN’s reliable data connectivity. Compare the rate per GB across different bundles to find the best bang for your buck.

4. Ease of Activation 

MTN offers various quick and simple ways to activate your chosen affordable plan. This includes dialing activation codes, using the MyMTN app, or visiting retailers. The easier the activation process, the faster you can start enjoying your data!

By evaluating all MTN data bundles based on these key parameters, you can determine which budget plan checks all the right boxes for your needs and budget

Top 5 Cheapest MTN Data Plans

Now let’s dive into the details of 5 of the most affordable MTN data plans in Ghana:

1. MTN Midnight Bundle

The aptly named Midnight Bundle from MTN is designed with night owls in mind. It provides up to 7.25GB of data between the hours of 12-4:30am for an ultra-low price of GHS 3. The bundle is ideal for browsing the web or streaming videos late into the night without burning through your main data balance.

To activate, simply dial *138# or use the MyMTN app. With the crazy-cheap rate plus flexibility of super late-night usage, this plan is a top pick when searching for the cheapest MTN data plans.

2. MTN Just4You

MTN’s Just4You promotion offers exclusive data deals not available to all subscribers. The available bundle’s amount, pricing, and validity change frequently, but they are always a bargain. Recently, lucky users could get 10GB with 28-day validity for only GHS 10!

To find the current Just4You data special, dial *141#. With surprise discounted deals popping up often, this is one affordable way to score cheap MTN data.

3. MTN Zone Bundle

The MTN Zone Bundle provides bonus local call minutes and data at discount pricing based on your geographic location. For example, in the Greater Accra region, you can currently get 1GB for GHS 5.

Activate by dialing *135# and select the zone bundles. With locally targeted deals, this is a top pick for finding the cheapest MTN data plans near you.

4. Turbonet Data Bundles

MTN offers exclusive discounted data plans for users of its high-speed Turbonet devices. Based on the specific device, users can enjoy between 30-50% lower data rates compared to regular plans.

Current Turbonet customers can dial *5057# to activate a fitting discounted bundle. The savings and blazing fast speeds make these deals very appealing for cheap data.

5. MTN Flexi Video Bundle

MTN’s Flexi Video Bundle is a uniquely affordable option if you consume a lot of streaming video content. It provides up 3.5GB of nighttime data for only GHS 20, exclusively for viewing local partner video sites.

Simply activate by dialing *138#. For late-night YouTube, Netflix, and more, this is a little-known but super cheap way to save on streaming data needs.

Apart from these plans, there is a way to get cheap data bundles on MTN Ghana network. We wrote a comprehensive guide about that earlier. 

Get The Most From Your Data

Now that you know the top 5 cheapest data plans from MTN Ghana, here are some tips to help you maximize your affordable data allowance:

  • Stream Videos At Lower Quality: Switch streaming resolution to 480p or 360p to use less data per video.
  • Disable Background App Refresh: Prevent apps from eating up data in the background.
  • Connect To WiFi Whenever Available: Use WiFi connections instead of mobile data whenever you can to conserve your plan data.
  • Set Data Limit Reminders: Configure warnings on your phone to notify you when you approach your plan data limit.
  • Schedule Large Downloads: Timetable for off-peak hours to download large files more efficiently.

By following these handy tricks, you can get the most mileage from your chosen cheap MTN data bundle!

You should also utilize some free data bundles sometimes. We wrote a guide about how to get some free data bundles on MTN Ghana network earlier. That should give you some head start.


Staying online should not cost an arm and a leg, even on a tight budget. Hopefully, this breakdown of the top 5 cheapest data plans available from MTN Ghana has helped you discover more affordable options tailored to your connectivity needs.

We covered critical factors including data amounts, validity periods, pricing, ease of activation, and more. We also provided tips to further maximize your cheap data bundle once activated. Visit any MTN store or retailer to purchase your preferred bundle, then stay connected for less!

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