Best NLA Shortcodes You Must Know

There are different NLA shortcodes you must use whether you want to stake lotto or just want to check results.

Staking the lotto and checking results is one of the things most people enjoy doing in Ghana. However, most people are concerned about going out all the time to stake or check the results. Thanks to technology, you can stake lotto or check results without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you have been following, you will realize I have written a few articles about the NLA lottery including How to get NLA prediction for today and How to check NLA Midweek results.

In this simple but informative article, I will guide you on how to use some of the NLA shortcodes to stake or check your lotto results. But before that, take a quick look at the table of content below. If you want to read a particular topic, simply click on it to jump to the article under that topic.

Best NLA Shortcodes You Must Know

There are a few shortcodes you can use if you want to check lotto results or stake lotto in Ghana. I will reveal some of the codes and how to use them below. Note that if you are not 18 years and above, you can not use any of the codes I’m listing below.

1. 590Mobile code *959#

The 590Mobile is the normal lotto we stake from the NLA retail points. However, this one can be done on your mobile phone using this shortcode in combination with your MTN mobile money wallet. I wrote about this code in an earlier article with the title; NLA Introduce Lotto With MTN Mobile Money As Alternative For Bank To Bank. Read that article to learn more.

To use this shortcode, simply dial *959# on your mobile phone. Whether your phone is smart or non-smartphone, you should see similar information below.


Depending on which game is available for the particular day you dial the code. That will be represented as number one. Since I dialed my code on Thursday, I have Fortune Thursday as number one.

If you should select the number 1, you will be asked to choose a number of options.

1. 1 Direct
This means you are selecting a single number and if this number comes in the draw results, you have a winning ticket

2. 2 Sure
Two sure means you select two numbers. No matter their position in the current draw, you will have a winning ticket.

3. 3 Direct
This is similar to two sure. However, you are selecting three numbers in this case.

4. 4 Direct

5. 5 Direct

6. Perm – 2
This option gives you the opportunity to select up to five numbers which is the maximum for a ticket. Using this option allows you to have a winning ticket if two or more of your numbers appear in the draw results.

7. Perm – 3 or More
This option is almost the same as Perm – 2. However, the minimum for a winning ticket is at least 3 numbers in the draw.

8. Banker
This is the option most NLA lottery enthusiasts use. It simply means perm the other numbers.

Note that all these options will get you to a point where you will have to select the numbers you would like to stake as well as how much you want to stake. You will also have to make payment via your MTN Mobile Money Wallet. If you don’t know which numbers to stake, you can also check out an earlier article I wrote about how to get NLA Lotto predictions on a daily basis.

2. On-demand SMS – 1903

This is one of the very unpopular NLA shortcodes. The code allows you to check NLA lotto results from your phone without leaving the comfort of your home. It is also one of the NLA shortcodes you have to send an SMS to instead of just dialing.

To use this shortcode, you will have to pay GHS 0.52 of airtime per SMS. If you are ready to make this payment, then you can follow the procedure below to use this code.

Open your SMS composer and type any of the words in the table below depending on which day’s result you want to check;

SMS TextDay results
MONMonday results
TUETuesday results
WEDWednesday results
THUThursday results
FRIFriday results
NATSaturday results
SUNSunday results

After typing any of these texts in your SMS, send it to 1903 and that is it. You should receive your results in less than a few minutes.

This is one of the NLA shortcodes that can only be used for checking results.


If you want some of the best NLA shortcodes to make your lottery easier, then these are some of them. Using these NLA shortcodes makes your transactions easier and faster. Always remember to use the *959# when you want to stake and SMS to 1903 if you want to check the results.

Note that if you are not 18 years and above, you can not stake lotto. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment box and I will reply as ear

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