DIY: Universal Nano Liquid Smartphone Screen Protector

A new trend for most smartphone users these days is the universal Nano Liquid Smartphone Screen Protector. Know where to get some and how to install it all by yourself.

What Is Universal Nano Liquid Smartphone Screen Protector

This new and awesome technology is one of the most advanced screen protectors to hit the market. This is billions of nano particles making it appear like a liquid.

Pouring a fair amount of this liquid on your screen allows the nano particles to spread covering your screen and when it dries out, it becomes super hard and almost unbreakable. Adding this coating to the screen of your phone makes it even harder.

Price And How To Install

Basically, this is way cheaper than the normal screenprotectors we fix. You can get this for as cheap as US$ 1.59 on AliExpress using this link. For Ghanaian buyers, you can get this for as cheap as Ghc 23.00 on Jumia Ghana using this link.

How To Install Universal Nano Liquid Smartphone Screen Protector

The item comes with cleaning tissues which you will utilize in the process.

  1. Use the wet and dry tissues to wipe all dirts off the screen
  2. Uncap the bottle and pour a fair amount of the liquid on the screen.
  3. Use the tissue to spread the liquid to cover the entire screen and it will dry immediately.

That is it.

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  1. 10x shock and scratch resistant
  2. Reduces finger print trace
  3. Anti-bacterial
  4. Anti-water stain
  5. Completely invisible
  6. Easy to install
  7. Works on any kind of screen even smart watches


As you can see, this item is one of the best screen protectors so far on the market. It is very thin but harder than the thick ones. Get some and do it yourself.

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Watch out for a video tutorial on this.

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