DUT Student Portal Guide For Every Student

DUT student portal is the platform that allows all the Durban University of Technology students to manage their activities. Here is a simple guide to help you manage the platform.

The portal is there to help both new and returning students to check their information and manage their activities. Below are some of the features the portal offers.


The portal allows access to both students and staff.

  • You can check your DUT application statuses on the platform. Being it course registration status or any other application.
  • There is also information on financial reports. You get to see all your payment histories and the arrears if there are any.
  • Checking your academic history is also easy when using the platform.
  • The examination timetable and other schedules also help you to stay on track all the time.

These and many other features are available on the platform. The more you use the portal, the more features you will find that suit your daily activities.

Dut Student Portal Login

The DUT student portal login process is very simple. However, you must be a student or staff of the Durban University of Technology to be able to log in.

The portal uses your student number and a five-digit Pincode to log into the platform. If you don’t have your Pincode yet, you can easily request.

  • Enter your student ID number
  • Now, click on the “Request A Pin” button as shown in the screenshot below.
dut student portal login

Follow through the process to request your pin. You should receive your pin shortly via email.

It is also advisable to change your Pincode to your desired code after receiving your code. To change, enter your student number at the login page and click on the “Change Pin” button. Kindly enter your new pin and confirm to change.

  • Enter your student number
  • Enter your Pincode and click the “Login” button.

You should be able to log into the portal successfully.

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