The Best Way To Apply For Jobs In Saudi Arabia

If you aim to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia, this article will help make your dream a reality. Whether you are in Saudi Arabia or not, no matter where you come from, you can get a job in Saudi Arabia.

With major projects like “The Line” being undertaken by NEOM in Saudi Arabia, the demand for more labor force is really high.

There is a need for more employees in Saudi Arabia, which has created the opportunity for many people in other countries to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia.

In this short but informative article, I will be teaching one of the very best ways to find and apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia. I will also give you ways to prepare for your visa and all other that you will need for the travel.

How to Find and Apply for Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to find jobs in Saudi Arabia and apply. You can do all these over the internet.

There are many jobs available in Saudi Arabia. You will simply have to look and apply. As soon as your application is accepted, you can now move there to fulfill your duties.


One solution that I have tried myself is Glassdoor. You simply have to visit and sign up for an account.

After setting up your account, make sure you set up your account in a way that targets jobs in Saudi Arabia.

This will help you get alerts as soon as there are available jobs that meet your criteria and qualifications.

Note that glassdoor is not an agency so therefore you will have to get your documents yourself if your application is successful.

Google jobs

We couldn’t use the internet without google. Google gives us everything we need even before we start thinking about it.

To get jobs in Saudi Arabia via Google jobs, simply go to Google and search keywords such as “jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners” or “Saudi Arabia jobs for foreigners”.

This will show the available job postings that match your queries. In a table as indicated in the screenshot below.

the best way to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia.webp

Click on the job you would like to apply for to view information about the job. With this particular method, you get to apply for the job directly from the employer.

Applying Through Agencies

There are agencies available that can help you apply for jobs outside your country especially if you are in Africa.

I do not recommend some of these agencies, especially the ones that operate only via online channels. Most of those agencies operating online are usually scam deals.

To apply via agencies, you first have to pick the agency form and sign up. If there are jobs available, the agency will reach out to you and make you aware of the latest developments.

The agency will sometimes help you get all the necessary documents you need. They will also help secure accommodation where you will be working before you even set off.

One important thing you must also know is the fact that the agency will take a cut from your salaries. You will have to ask and understand the contracts properly before signing up.

One of the agencies I know of is I do not recommend joining agencies. If you join any agency including the one I mentioned in this post, you do that at your own risk. SLiMFACTSGh will not be held responsible.

These are the ways to apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia even if you are not from that country. You can check out my previous articles including the Top 5 Online Jobs You Can Start Without A Capital.

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