How To Fund Your PayPal Account In Ghana

If you were following me earlier, then you have already read about how I can help you create PayPal account in Ghana.

In recent times,HE. The Vice President Dr Bawumia declared in the statement that Ghana is going to get off the PayPal blacklist soon. As at when, nobody knows. While we are still waiting for PayPal to take us off the blacklist, there are still many ways you can get a working PayPal account in Ghana.

A lot of people already have an active and working PayPal accounts in Ghana here but how to fund it is their biggest problem right now.

Funding a PayPal account is just like converting your Ghanaian currency into PayPal credit. It is very simple to do that but sometimes just that most people are scared of trusting people with their money.

You can fund your PayPal account in three different ways.

1. Request from a friend

If you have a friend who uses a verified PayPal account, you can ask them to transfer some PayPal credit to you then you pay them with cash. It is as simple as that and it works fine.

2. Get paid through PayPal

There are many so many platforms on the internet where you can work and get paid through PayPal. That is one simple way to get funds into your PayPal account without restriction. Even if you don’t use those platforms, you can ask those who work online to help you get some PayPal credit into your account in exchange for physical currency.

This is where most people get trust issues.

3. Load your verified card with the funds

Most people don’t know about this. Before you think about making purchases with your PayPal account, then it means you have verified it with either a visa card or master card. If you have funds on that card, then there is no need to be looking for any PayPal credit again.

You can easily load funds onto the card that has been connected to your PayPal account and make a purchase with $0 balance. The payment will be made with the funds on the card.

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If you have any question concerning PayPal or any other thing, you can leave a comment in the box and I will reply as soon as possible.

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