How To Get The Most Out Of Your MTN Turbonet Bundles

If you are yet to get your MTN Turbonet or already have one, you will definitely agree with me that MTN Turbonet bundles are cheaper than the normal sim bundles.

The reason why the bundles are cheaper is that the Turbonet was introduced as a wireless version to the popular MTN Fibre broadband so that towns that have no physical access to Fibre cables can still enjoy a faster internet connection. That is the reason why the Turbonet bundle prices are on par with the Fibre broadband bundle prices.

In this article, I will teach you how to get the most out of your Turbonet bundles by applying some little hacks I always use from time to time to keep my bundles under control.

Buy Bigger MTN Turbonet Bundles

The higher the amount of data bundle you buy on your device, the more internet bundle you will get. For instance, if you buy Ghc 295 worth of data bundle, you will get 225GB. If you buy Ghc 300 worth of data bundle, you will get 325GB which means you are getting an additional 100GB just for adding an extra 5Ghc.

It is very easy to get that much data for adding extra. You don’t have to worry about anything since the data no longer expires. Instead of purchasing a small amount of data every month or every week, simply gather the money and purchase a huge one. You can use it for as long as you can.

Get stingy with your data bundle

Basically, whoever shares the device with you, doesn’t hurt much when the data is finished like you the owner of the device. That alone gives them the courage to use the data for whatever that pleases them without thinking about how much data their actions could cost.

In order to control how much data others use, the Turbonet device has lots of functions to control when a particular user can access the internet and even which particular websites they shouldn’t access when they are connected to the device.

Most people prefer to stream every video they see when they are connected to a WiFi network and videos consume more data than just browsing. The best way to stop the unnecessary streaming is to blacklist YouTube the most popular video site and any other website you feel people connected to your WiFi stream from.

How To Blacklist Domains on the MTN Turbonet

Note: Blacklisting a domain means you cannot access it when you are connected to the WiFi. However, if you want to access the particular domain urgently, you can easily whitelist and access it.

To blacklist any domain on your Turbonet, you first have to visit the device IP address ( from your browser.

Log into the Turbonet dashboard and navigate to Settings >> Domain name filter.

Make sure you check the “Blacklist” radio button.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your MTN Turbonet Bundles

Click ‘Add’ and add a domain name. To blacklist YouTube, simply enter “” and make sure the status is set to “On”. When you are done, click “Apply”. You can always come back anytime to remove the domain from the blacklist. Check the screenshot below.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your MTN Turbonet Bundles

How To Limit When People Access Your Device

Most families are home during weekends and that means more internet usage. With this in mind, you can limit the internet access for individual devices for a particular period of time.

To do that, you simply have to log into the Dashboard again and go to Settings >> Parental Control. Before you do this, you must know the name or Mac address of the device of the particular person whose access you want to limit.

Click on ‘Add’ in the parental control area.

How To Limit When People Access Your Device

Set from when you want the limit to start and when it should end. Check on which days you want the limit to take effect and select the particular device you want to set the limit for. When you are done, click on ‘Save’ to apply your settings.

Note : When you set this limit, the selected device can only access the internet through your Turbonet after the time period you set every week.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Turning off automatic updates is key to conserving more data. Some phones and laptops won’t work properly without the latest updates and such devices are mostly Apple products. Apart from apple products, you can easily turn off automatic updates for Windows or Android devices and they will still work fine for many years to come.

When automatic updates are on, the device automatically download latest updates as soon as you are connected to the internet.

If you are using Windows 10, simply click on the network icon after connecting to the internet.

Click on “Properties” for the network you are connected to.

windows update

Scroll down to Metered Connection and turn on the “Set as metered connection” switch.

windows update 1

When you do that, Windows will turn off some features including Automatic updates when you are connected to that particular network. However, Windows will download very important updates over that network.

You can also turn off automatic updates for your Android smartphone by simply launching the Google Playstore and clicking the Playstore menu.

Screenshot 20200915 101248 1

Click on ” Settings” from the main menu.

Screenshot 20200915 101316

Clickon Auto-update Apps next to see the app update setttings screen.

Screenshot 20200915 101427

Check the “Don’t auto-update apps” radio button and click “Done” to apply the changes.

Screenshot 20200915 101502

After going through all the above settings, you should be able to save much data than you will ever save without applying any of the above settings.

The above are settings that are tested and work perfectly. If you have any question or suggestion, kindly leave a comment below.

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