How To Make Extra Income With Your Smart Phone/PC

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To become a billionaire takes a lot of hard work and hardwork comes with how you use your time. Like people always say; “Time is money.”

Having your professional job is one step to becoming a billionaire but depending on only one source of income is a very slow and risky way of finding money. Anything can happen in the future and if it ends bad, you should be able to have other sources of income to backup yourself.

I am here to give you three simple ways I make money sitting at home. You can decide to do these part time or you can make them your job just like me.

So for you, Instead of sleeping or watching television during your free time, you can do any of the following things in order to boost your income.

1. Bitcoin

A bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is used for online transactions. It is a very expensive coin. One bitcoin is sold between $500 and $700. The most interesting thing about bitcoin is the fact that you can get bitcoin free online. It is very simple and very easy. Keep visiting my blog, I will teach you how to mine bitcoin with even your android phone.

2. Blogging

Blogging is the job and weblog/blog is the name. Where you are reading this post is an example of a blog. You can decide to create your own blog and post stuffs during your leisure. To make an extra income, you will have to display adverts on your blog and make more people visit your blog. Their visits will then convert to money on your advertiser’s network.
I will write another article about how to create a blog all by yourself.

3. Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is another form of earning an extra income without doing any hardwork. Dropshipping is like selling items that you don’t see or touch to people.
It is not a scam or fraud because the item will be delivered to your customer by a thirdparty and you will earn an extra income for selling the item. Its a system of online retailing. I will write another article to throw more light on dropshipping soon so just keep coming back.

All the things I mentioned above are just something to give you an idea of what you can do with your leisure time to make an extra income for yourself. I will treat each as a topic in separate articles.

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