Expats Guide: Choosing the Best International School in Bangkok

Thailand is an excellent place to start a new career. It is well-known for its international schools with top-tier education standards globally. They offer a wide range of curricula, drawing different nationalities’ attention to Bangkok. 


Among the best choices in Bangkok is the Verso International School for those planning to study abroad. They make children future-ready with knowledge and skills to be more competent. A curriculum for ages two and up will support the child’s long-term goals with the full support of qualified educators and staff. 

If you are an expat, there are many factors to consider when enrolling a kid in an international school. These include the costs, location, and the child’s welfare. 

Tips To Choose International School 

The best thing about Thai international schools is that they are widely available, making the job of expats to look for one easier. Below are the tips you need to know. 

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Location Selection 

Bangkok is a busy city, and choosing where to live will make you consider many factors. This impacts transport expenses and the time and energy to go to the school grounds. Although the means of transportation is plenty around Bangkok, not all campuses are easily accessible. 

Some international schools offer a bus service. Parents find it safer, but riding a school bus does not eliminate traffic issues. Still, the best thing to do is to find a place near the school which requires less travel time. It can be more expensive to settle around school premises, but it is worth considering. 

Know The Price 

International schools offer a high-standard education that will ask for a great price. It is costlier to send a child to an international school than to regular schools. On average, you will spend 800,000 baht annually to support your child’s education. It excludes meal and transport expenses and can vary from school to school. 

In addition, anticipate hidden fees in setting a budget in mind. Examples are processing fees, registration fees, and boarding fees. 

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Choose A Curriculum Based On The Child’s Abilities 

Parents must seek a curriculum that best suits their child’s interest to make the journey less stressful. Thailand lets you pick between IB, American, and British curricula. 

IB curriculum puts emphasis on creativity. Some IB schools in Bangkok include KIS, NIST, and Concordia international school. It also encourages critical thinking, preparing a child to compete globally. 

American curriculum offers general education. It allows students to pursue a path that best fits their interests. 

The British curriculum is the most common among the three curricula. It is goal-centered, and students who will finish the course get a certificate, allowing them to take AS and A-Levels of education. 

International schools can cover academics, arts, and even sports. The latter are so-called extra-curricular activities that will hone a child’s skills needed to excel in the future workplace. Such a factor also prevents stressing out a kid by allotting time to do fun activities. 

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Investigate School’s Accreditation 

An international school accredited by a particular organization indicates that it has passed a quality assurance test. It is supported by legal documents so that you can pick the right one. Visiting websites with a list of credible international schools in Thailand is the first step to securing a child’s education. 

Look For Licensed Educators 

Nationality needs to be a proper benchmark in assessing international school teachers. Check their academic backgrounds and experiences to tell whether they are qualified. 

Educators from Western countries are believed to be the top-tier in teaching academic subjects. They demand a higher salary than non-Westeners. They are also more able to teach cultural values and break language barriers. 

However, there must be more reasons to disregard teachers from other countries. The major standards are having a bachelor’s degree, teaching certification, and experience. 

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Premium Facilities 

Browsing for international schools in Bangkok lets you consider the overall facility – it must agree to the price you paid. You can look forward to a gym facility for sports activities, a library, and other recreational spots on the school campus. 


Can the school premises cater to the desired class size? No worries; international schools prefer smaller class populations to better focus on every child’s needs. They have complete facilities for learning to recreational purposes. Some exclusive schools do offer counseling for students to yield emotional support. 

Familiarize School Calendar Year

International schools might differ from home countries in terms of the school calendar. If your child moves from a regular school to an international school in Bangkok, take note of the school breaks to take advantage of everything. International classes start in May to March and take a long break in April, while home countries start classes in August to June with Christmas and Easter vacation. 

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Final Thoughts 

We hope the expats’ guide in looking for the best international school in Bangkok helps you decide where to enroll your child. The parents are responsible for a kid to end up in the right international school, from choosing a curriculum to budgeting needs. First things first, know what your child’s interests are and what to expect before moving out. This will guarantee no hassle in choosing from a wide range of international schools around Thailand. 

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