How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In Ghana

Are you a teenager in Ghana looking for a simple and easy way to make money online in Ghana? If yes this guide is for you. This guide contains proved and working procedures and strategies you can also take and start making money as a teenager.
As a teenager the probability for you being in school is very high. But guess what.. most of these strategies can be executed online and is going to be help you earn recurring commission only if you stay focus and be dedicated.

  1. Completing surveys:
    You might ask what are surveys? Surveys are detailed and critical inspection seeking for short and descriptive summary of events or about something. So here you will be completing surveys and getting paid once you are done or reach certain points.

Today surveys online ask about personal life, your views on something and other interesting stuff. It sounds and looks a research from the way it’s described and structured as well. Don’t fear because these are not going to be tough questions, they are just simple ones everybody can answer like; What is your name?, Your age?, How do you spend your day?, What will you do with $10 and many other simple and interesting questions.

Once you are done and you reach a the qualified points you can get paid through Paypal, Payoneer.
But take note; there are lot’s of fake survey out there. And just as said earlier these surveys are done to gain some information or something so once these purpose is completed there is no way they are going to work again.

So in my view I suggest you are keep yourself updated by searching for reviews of legit surveys either on web or on YouTube.

2. Start Blogging:
You can start blogging only if you are smart enough. Here in Ghana most blogs here are about entertainment, news updates, music and lifestyle. You can start a blog that is in the mention niches or you can do something different.

Been different is going to help you and your blog stand out and be different from the crowd. There niches that are getting high searches in Ghana but have low competition. Some of these niches are;

  1. Digital Marketing niche
  2. Sports niche
  3. Gaming niche
  4. Education niche
    The only problem is in some of these niches you need little experience. So here, I suggest you learn a bit first thus, about blogging. And the you select your niche and start making researches about stuff about it too.
    But always make sure you have some basic ideas and know a bit about that niche you have chosen. Nobody knows everything in the world, so you can learn more after.
    One con about blogging is you will first have to invest money and not only that, you will also have to invest your precious time as well. But once you are able to do that, you will be making recurring commission that will make you be more than proud of yourself.

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3. Growing And Selling Social Media Pages:
This is one of the easiest ways you can make money money online as a teenager. Most teenagers and not only teenagers tertiary students spend almost the whole day on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you know you can monetize this time?… This is just simple! All you need to do is to grow pages and groups in other for them to gain much likes and followers after that you sell them. There are lot’s of people out there willing to buy these pages especially Instagram pages, Facebook pages.

People that buy these pages are most often upcoming social media influencers, comedians, musicians and etc. You will ask why will they buy the page? They will buy because their content or brand needs reach out to lot’s of people and that will make easy for them to grow.

Most people can not start from scratch. So you do that work and then sell it for some cool bucks.

4. Paid browsers:
This is also another simple and easy way to make money online as a teenager in Ghana. When I say “paid browsers” what are I mean is browsers that pay it users just for using them or choosing them. Some of these new browsers till do this, including browser too. Browsers like Microsoft Bing, Brave browser, Opera Mini and many others.

Yours is to install these browsers, sign in with your valid email just like you do on Google and start browsing with them. You won’t be earning money at once, it will take sometime. So I will say this is a slow way, but at least you will earn some bucks after loosing your internet bundle when surfing the internet.

The interesting thing is some even pay their users with digital currencies, like Brave browser and also pay their users, gift cards and other with real cash thus, through Paypal or Payoneer.

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5. Try V-logging:
V-logging is the sharing contents thus, strictly only videos. Those that share video content on YouTube are called YouTubers. But in this case YouTube is one of the popular video platform in which you can monetize your videos.

But not only YouTube, you can monetize your videos on Facebook as well. There are lot’s of monetization platforms were you can monetize your videos but the two are the most popular among them all and the most used in Ghana too.They are part of the most visited websites in the world too. So trying to earn money on there won’t be bad and will not also be easy.

All you need is to have great contents, well edited and always they have give amazing information.
YouTube pays $2,000 and sometimes more for 1million views. And not only for views you can also earn commissions from Google Adsense as well.

6. Start Renting out:
Renting out, is also one of the easiest ways to make money as a teenager. This isn’t done online. You may have old books, bicycle, games etc. You can rent them out to friends and then get paid some little bucks.
I remember clearly when I was in JHS, I was took my bicycle to school on Fridays to rent it out to friends during second break and closing time. And I saved that money to repair a old spoilt phone my mother’s friend gave me.

You can also rent out your text books to your Juniors in JHS or even SHS. If you won’t need them again you can choose to sell them too. At least you can make 10cedis up to 20cedis from something you wouldn’t use again.

7. Hours Paid Jobs:
This is the last point on our list, you can do part time jobs that pay hourly. There are new factories here in Ghana that you can work inside once you are 18 or above. Even if you are a bit younger you can still get a chance.
Some of these jobs are not all that difficult and the real truth about this is the salary is not all that high but will be okay for a teenager.

You can also choose to work overtime only thus, on Saturdays and Sundays. You are not going to earn big money but you will earn enough.

Above are some of the 7 simple and easy ways you can make money online as a Teenager in Ghana.This guide contains both online and offline strategies thus, it is up to you to choose the perfect one for you and then work on how to execute it.

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