Top 5 Betting Sites offering Free Bets in Ghana

Do you know most tipsters make more money from free bets in Ghana than cash bets? Take advantage of these top betting sites offering bonuses in Ghana to make more money on your stakes.

If you’re new to the world of online betting in Ghana, you might be wondering where to start and how to get the best bang for your buck. Betting sites often offer exciting bonuses and promotions to attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 betting sites offering free bets in Ghana that offer free bets, and we’ll explain how you can take advantage of them. Let’s dive in!

Top 5 betting sites offering free bets in Ghana

Note that we are only listing websites that we have tested and know it works. The list is not in any specific order. Before you go through this list, note that gambling can be addictive.

Some of these websites offer free bets to new customers. There are others that also offer bonuses to existing customers as well.

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1. 1XBet


1XBet is one of the leading betting companies in Ghana and West Africa as a whole currently. Especially when we are talking about the online betting companies. You might not see much of 1XBet walk-in shops but it is still one of the leading companies in Ghana.

The company offers some of the huge first deposit bonuses as well as free bets in Ghana to existing customers. New customers can get as much as GHC 2,650.00 in the first deposit bonus. This alone is a lot of money that when waged properly can give you that big bang you have been looking for.

There is also a promo page where existing customers can earn reward points and convert it to coupons. Even the old customers are not left out. There are even free spin-the-wheel games that can help you win free cash every day. It all depends on your luck tho.

Note that there are terms and conditions that you must read and understand before aiming for the free bets. There are conditions that one must meet to earn these free bets.

2. MSport Gh


Do you know MSport Gh gives up to GHC3,000 in free bets in Ghana? You can get as much as GHC 3,000 on your first deposit.

When you sign up and deposit, you can earn some free cash that will increase your chance of making huge money from your wager. This is for only new customers and there is more to get when you become an old customer as well.

Old customers get vouchers every now and then. Some vouchers are given on specific games where the customer can redeem the voucher and can only wager the free cash on a specific game.

Apart from that, MSport Gh distributes cash vouchers through its chat section of the Aviator game and its similar ones. This allows most people to win games without necessarily having any cash.

Regardless of this many free cash vouchers, MSport Gh offers up to GHC5,000 free cash to a lucky customer every Thursday. This is not a voucher that you must wager on any game but a free cash that you can actually withdraw instantly.

While all these might sound cool and tempting, make sure you read the terms and conditions of MSport Gh before you take any action.

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3. Betway Gh


If Betway Gh is not the most popular betting company in Ghana yet, then it should definitely be one of the top companies in the country. This makes their website the go-to website when most people talk about betting.

Betway Gh offers 50% of your first deposit up to GHC 200.00 in free bets to all new customers. It might not be as much as the previous companies listed but it is a big deal. Getting as much as GHC 200.00 of free bets in Ghana is a big deal.

Apart from the 50% first deposit, there are also many other promotions available on the Betway Gh website to help you make more out of your money.

4. Greatodds


Greatodds is one of the new betting companies in the industry but trust me, you can get as much as GHC 1000.00 in free bets on your first deposit.

Greatodds give a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to GHC 1000.00. If you deposit your first GHC 1000, you will get an extra GHC 1000 in free bets. It will be some very good free cash if you should wager that on a very profitable odd.

Greatodds gives you other ways to make even more money from their platform besides this first deposit bonus. You get instant GHC 15.00 just for referring a friend. Isn’t that wonderful?

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5. BetWinner


BetWinner is another new company in Ghana that gives you amazing bonuses. If you want some free bets in Ghana, then you shouldn’t skip this company.

You can get up to GHC 2,500 in free bets on your first deposit. If you make your first deposit, you get 200% off up to GHC 2,500 in free bets. This is huge and can be a very profitable avenue when waged on a very profitable odd.

Apart from the first deposit bonus, there are other amazing bonuses for existing customers. BetWinner makes it possible for you to enjoy free bets in Ghana almost every day. Wagering these free bets on profitable odds can be a very profitable avenue for making money.

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Which app gives free bets?

All the sites listed give free bets.
1. 1XBet
2. MSport Gh
3. Betway
4. Greatodds
5. BetWinner.
All these betting companies give free bets on your first deposit. Some also give you free bets on certain days. However, you must note that they have their terms and conditions which you must read to be able to utilize their services. Only make your deposits after reading the terms and conditions. Bet Responsibly. Betting can be addictive.

Important tips

Even though getting free bets in Ghana to wager on your odds might sound like a very lucrative opportunity, there are some important things you must take note of. Below are some of the things you must really take note of.

  • All the betting websites mentioned in this article have their own terms and conditions. Make sure you read them before you go ahead to take any action.
  • Most of these betting companies have their free bets expiring after 30 days so you must make sure you understand the terms of use before you take action.
  • Usually, you must enter a unique coupon code in order to claim the free bets on your deposit so make sure you look at coupon codes to get the right benefits you deserve.


These are some of the betting websites where you can get free bets in Ghana. It might sound like a very lucrative way to make some cash but make sure you read the terms and conditions of each company before you take action.

You should also note that gaming can be addictive and not recommended for people below the age of 18. Bet responsibly. Make sure you are only betting with money you can afford. Betting is a game of chance and anything could go wrong at any time.

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