How to download MTN MoMo App

MTN MoMo App Download Guide for Ghanaians

Do you know how to use the MTN MoMo App? Download and use the MTN Ghana Mobile Money app with ease. Learn all the secret features of the app and some major things you can do with it.

Can’t read the entire article, here are some Key Takeaways
Download MyMTN app for MTN MoMo access on your phone
Register with your number & verify via OTP
Login securely using existing MoMo PIN
Easily check balance & transfer money
Pay school fees, merchants & more with mobile money
Conveniently top up airtime & data in the app
Access real-time statements
Secure platform with encryption & PIN protection
Skip queues, bank from your phone
Save time & money with digital payments

Mobile Money has taken Ghana by storm, with services like MTN MoMo, Airtel Money and Vodafone Cash allowing people across the country to access financial services through their phones.

How do I use the MTN MoMo app?

To use the MTN MoMo app;
1. Download the MTN Mobile Money App
2. Enter your phone number into the MoMo app
3. Receive an OTP to your phone number and use the code to verify your number in the app.
4. You can now send money or pay bills within the App without dialling any shortcode.

A recent Bank of Ghana report showed over 90% of Ghanaian adults have registered mobile money accounts. MTN has led the charge, with their MTN MoMo platform processing over 70% of all mobile money transactions in the country.

Given how popular and widespread mobile money has become in Ghana, MTN has made the wise decision to integrate MoMo into its MyMTN customer app. This means customers can now manage their MoMo wallet along with other services, all in a single app.

For those relying on mobile money as their primary financial tool, the app provides much-needed convenience and efficiency.

How to download the MTN MoMo App

You can download the MTN Mobile Money app using these buttons. Depending on which type of phone, use the button accordingly.

  • The first step is to download the app on your Android or iOS device. You can find it by searching “MTN MoMo app” in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app page should look similar to the ones in the screenshot below.
How to download the MTN MoMo App
  • Once installed, register by entering your 10-digit MTN phone number.
  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS to verify your number. Enter this OTP code into the app to complete registration.
  • After registration, the app dashboard displays many options that will help you perform any type of MoMo transaction you desire.
MTN MoMo App dashboard

MyMTN App is different from the MTN MoMo app so make sure you are downloading the right app. Even though you can make transactions from the MyMTN app, the features can not be compared to that of the MTN Mobile Money app which was purposely designed for MoMo Transactions.

Accessing the MTN Mobile Money App

  • To use the MoMo features, click on the MoMo app icon.
  • You will need to enter your existing MoMo PIN. This adds a layer of security to ensure only you can access your wallet.
  • The app sends another OTP to confirm your identity. Once verified, you reach the MoMo menu showing your balance and transaction options like sending money or buying airtime.

Pros and Cons

The MTN Mobile Money app comes ready for transactions but just like any other thing in this world, there are some Pros and Cons that come with it. The table below shows some Pros and Cons of the MTN MoMo app.

✔ Convenient transactions❌ Connectivity issues
✔ Easy bill payments❌ Limited customer support
✔ Quick money transfers❌ Potential security risks
✔ Accessible anytime❌ Dependence on mobile network
✔ Ability to track expenses❌ Data charges may apply
✔ Promotions and rewards

Benefits of the App Over Shortcodes

  1. Convenience
    • The app allows you to access your mobile money wallet anywhere, anytime directly from your phone. Even if the *170# MTN shortcode is not working, you can still perform your MoMo transactions.
  2. Ease of Use
    • The app has a simple and user-friendly interface to easily complete transactions. You securely log in with your PIN and OTP verification. The menus clearly display your account balance and options.
  3. More Control
    • Check your balances and account statements in real time through the app. You can directly transfer money to other users or buy airtime and All MTN Ghana Data Bundles. You even get a whopping 50% bonus on all bundles you purchase through the app.
  4. Safe and Secure
    • MTN uses advanced encryption to secure all financial transactions conducted through the app. Your PIN and one-time OTP authentication also keep your account safe.
  5. Supports Cashless Payments
    • The app allows you to pay school fees, merchants, and utility bills directly through mobile money. You can even withdraw physical cash from ATMs.
  6. Access Other MTN Services
    • The MyMTN app allows you to top up airtime & data, check bonus account balances, and review your call history and subscriptions.

By packaging convenient, secure and easy mobile financial services into the MTN MoMo app, customers can save time and money with cashless transactions across Ghana.


By integrating Mobile Money into MyMTN app, MTN has made accessing financial services much more convenient for customers.

With more activity migrating to mobile devices, mobile-based platforms like MTN MoMo app are critical for connecting more Ghanaians to digital financial services.

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