Why Your 50MB Data Bundle Can’t Browse The Net Anymore

I know lately you have been experiencing the consistent draining of data bundles from time to time when browsing either on the phone or the computer.

Most of us end up blaming our internet service providers for over deducting our data bundles however if you look deeper into the issue, you will realize the fault is not from the Internet Service Providers.

There are many reasons why your bundles will exhaust fast these days than before and even faster in future than these days.

I know the question running in your head right now will be; “Why?”.

5 Reasons Why Your 50MB Data Bundle Can’t Browse The Net Anymore

1 .Time.

Time they say is the master of everything and as you all know, data bundle is no exception. Year by year as prices of fuel increase, companies will also have to increase the prices of their products to help the company survive.

Telecos on the other hand will also have to increase their calls and data tariffs in order for them to survive.

2. Device upgrade.

We have passed that level that phones run on Symbian Operating Systems where the operating system is just a few Megabytes and the apps to run are just few Kilobytes in size.

These days, devices come with 16GB of internal storage where Operating System alone takes about 6GB of the 16GB internal storage. You don’t expect the data consumption to be just as when you were using Symbian phones… right?

If I’m talking about Symbian Phones, I’m talking about those days Nokia Asha, Nokia N73, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson W595, etc

3. HD (High Definition)

These days all of us are interested in High Quality pictures (HD Photos). One thing you should know is that the clearer the photo, the larger the size and the more Megabytes of your data bundle it will take to load it when you are browsing the net.

Back then, photos were just a few Kilobytes in size but these days we are in the era of HD where pictures are 1280 x 720 pixels. We are even moving from HD to 4K (Ultra HD).

An average HD photo on a webpage is like 2MB in size so it means that if you are browsing a website with many photos on your 50MB data bundle, it means that as soon as the page loads about 8 Photos, your data bundle will be exhausted.

4. Advanced Web-pages And Apps

During the era of Symbian Operating systems on phones web-pages and apps were not having lots of features that web-pages and apps have now. These days we have apps and web-pages that can access your location, your contacts and can send their own personalized notification to your phone as well.

You might think these things are just working without costing you anything but that is never true. Before these features will load, there are many scripts that will have to load using your data bundle before giving you these features. It simply means that the more features you get from an app or website, the more data bundle it will need to function properly.

5. Operating System

Your 50MB data bundle might not last long basically because the phone’s operating system will not make it last long.

Back in the days where phone operating system updates are just few kilobytes in size is long gone. These days most of the phone system updates are over 200MB whenever released so you can imagine how much data bundle you need to have before updating your phone to it’s latest version.

Bonus: Advanced Internet Connection

Back in the days we were browsing on EDGE(2G) network signal where it takes time to download a few Kilobytes. Now we are in the era of 4G+ where you can get up to 300MBps that means that you can consume 300MB every second of a minute when browsing on a 4G+ network.

On a normal 4G phone the upload speed ranges between 5 – 12MBps where download speed could go up to 50MBps.
It simply means that your 50MB data could be exhausted in 1 second when doing a download on 4G internet connection.


While technology is advancing, there are so many things that will increase in price and quality compared to the past and data tariff is not an exception.

There is only one thing that we all can do and that is to adopt to the change and make sure we make the best out of what we paid for.

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