Top 3 Best MTN Special Offer Bundle Codes

If you are using MTN and you are not making use of these Best MTN Special Offer Bundle Codes, then you are missing a whole lot.

Whether you have been using the MTN Ghana network for a while or are completely new to the network, you are in good luck. There are some cheap MTN bundle offers available for you. These simple bundles will give you more value for your money.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly look at some of the special offers available on the MTN Ghana network.

MTN Special Offer Bundle Codes

I will list 3 of the major MTN special offers as well as give you extra tips on how to get more value for your money on MTN. Read on while I reveal some of the amazing offers on MTN to you.

1. MTN Just4U

MTN Just4U is a special bundle that offers customized packages for individual users. The criteria the system uses to customize the packages is not known. However, the assurance that you will get more value for your money is evident.

The MTN Just4U code is *141#. It is also one of the most common MTN special offer bundle codes. Follow the procedure below to subscribe to the MTN Just4U offer.

  • Dial *141# on the number you want to purchase the bundle on.
  • The list of packages available will determine which options you will select.
  • As soon as you select the package, you will have to confirm the purchase from your airtime.
This is what I got when I dialed *141#. Yours might be different from this since they are highly personalized packages.
  • You can also subscribe to the MTN Just4U bundles from the MyMTN App. To do that, simply open the MyMTN App and tap on the “Just4U” button. Your packages should look similar to the one in the image below.
These are MTN Just4U bundles personalized for my number. Yours might be completely different.

Take note

  • You can only purchase MTN Just4U offers to the number you are purchasing the bundle on. You cannot purchase it for another user.
  • The MTN Just4U offer can only be purchased from your MTN Airtime balance. This means you must have the airtime equivalent of the amount of bundle you want to purchase. You can not purchase it using your MTN Mobile Money wallet.
  • Everyone gets completely personalized packages so do not expect to get what someone else had.

2. MTN Zone Bundle

The MTN Zone bundle code is one of the MTN special offer codes that became very popular some time ago. This was because it was affordable and easy to access.

This brings us to the question; “What is MTN Zone bundle?“.

Simply put, the MTN Zone bundle is a discounted data bundle. The criteria for determining how much you can purchase the bundle depends on your exact location before purchasing the bundle. It is not a fixed discount so the price changes depending on the available discount for the particular location of the subscriber.

Currently, you can get;
1. 323MB for 1 Day @ GHC1.94 or lower
2. 489MB for 1 Day @ GHC2.59 or lower
3. 796MB for 1 Day @ GHC3.89 or lower.

Probably, your offers might be different from this one. All the same, you can subscribe to the MTN Zone bundle using the following procedure.

How to subscribe to the MTN zone bundle

The MTN Zone bundle code is *135#.

  • Simply dial *135#
  • Select option 2. Zone Bundles
  • Select option 1. Data Zone Bundles
  • This will present you with the available packages and their discounted prices similar to the ones in the screenshot below. Select the package you want and confirm the purchase to activate.

You must note that the MTN Zone Bundle can only be subscribed with the airtime balance. This means you can’t use your MTN Mobile Money wallet balance for this kind of transaction. You can’t subscribe for another user except yourself. There is also an app available for this type of bundle.

3. *550# MTN special offer bundle codes

I have been reserving the best for the last. *550# is one of the best MTN special offer bundle codes. This is because it offers a lot of different packages and types of data bundles in a single MTN shortcode.

Let us look at some of the things you can do with this code.

  • You can purchase the regular MTN bundles without dialing the regular MTN Bundle Code.
  • Subscribe to Mashup without dialing the regular MTN Mashup code.
  • You can also purchase the MTN Just4U bundles from this particular shortcode.
  • The best thing is you can get a Free Bundle on MTN using this code. Choose Option 7 which is the MTN Rewards option to activate this bundle.

Check out this guide I wrote earlier about how to get free 1GB bundle on Vodafone network.


How do I subscribe to MTN Special Offer?

You can dial *141# and you can even get up to 2.2GB for as low as GHC7.5. *550# is also one of the MTN Special Offer codes. There is a lot you can get on MTN if you want to make the most out of your MTN number.

How do I get 1GB Free on MTN?

If you want to get 1GB free on MTN, simply dial *550# and select option 7(MTN Rewards). Make sure you check your reward points and if you have over 80,000 points, you can get up to 2.2GB of Data free from MTN.

If you have any question that has not been answered in this section, kindly leave it in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.


These are the MTN special offer bundle codes. It is very important you try each of them and know the one that will help you the most. Try out all these and make the best out of your MTN subscription.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible. You can also contact the MTN customer care centre if you need technical support.

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