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The Ultimate MySUN Webmail Guide

Need help with your MySUN Webmail? Our easy guide walks you through logging into your free Stellenbosch student and staff email account. Loaded with cool features like Office 365, cloud storage, instant messaging and more!

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Simple login with Office 365
Robust features – Office apps, cloud storage, collabs
Customize alerts, mobile sync, themes
Enhance student & staff productivity for success!

Tired of fumbling through forgotten passwords and confusing portals to access your Stellenbosch University email?

Us too! Logging into your student or staff Webmail account should be smooth sailing. With our easy guide, you’ll go from email zero to hero faster than you can say “Stellenbosch”!

Get excited! That free MySUN Webmail provided to all Stellenbosch students and staff is loaded with cool features waiting for you.

Talk about a sweet inbox! Enjoy Premium Office 365 tools, ample cloud storage, instant messaging to connect with your crew, and more.

We’ll walk you through signing in to unlock all the goodness, whether you have a cloud or locally hosted email account.

No experience needed! With simple step-by-step instructions personalized for the awesome people of Stellenbosch University, you can stop struggling and start enjoying an email service that works for you.

Let’s dive in to using your Stellenbosch University Webmail like a pro. On to unlimited communicating! Your free student and staff email perks await!

How to log into the MySUN Webmail Account

Before unlocking all the features of the MySUN Webmail inbox, first things first – you need to log in!

Don’t stress if you feel confused trying to access your free Stellenbosch University student or staff email account.

We get it…between multiple portals, platforms, and passwords galore, it gets tricky. But our simple step-by-step guide will have you logged in smooth as butter.

Ready to connect to your important university emails? Let’s do this!

  • First, pull up your web browser of choice on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Type in “” and hit enter. Easy enough so far! This takes you to the My SUN Menu. It should look similar to the page in the image below.
MySUN Webmail Login
  • Next, click the “Web E-Mail” icon on the main page as indicated on the image above. Got it? Awesome!
  • Next, input the standardized email address provided by Stellenbosch University. It will look something like “[email protected]“. Make sure caps lock isn’t accidentally activated before typing in your password too.
  • Finally, locate and click the bright blue “Sign in” button. Congrats, you successfully accessed your Stellenbosch University Webmail inbox! Gold stars all around.

Resetting Your Stellenbosch University Webmail Password

Can’t log into your account because you forgot your password? It happens! No judgement about your memory here. Resetting your MySUN Webmail login credentials is thankfully quick and painless. We’ll cover the fast track back into your inbox.

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions to reset your Office 365 password for MySUN email access:

  1. Open any web browser and search for “Microsoft password reset”
  2. On the page that opens, click “Reset password” below the colorful sign-in boxes
  3. Input either your full MySUN email (e.g. [email protected]) or just the username before
  4. Select how you want to reset: via email or text message. Enter any additional info requested.
  5. Follow the verification prompt sent to access the reset page
  6. Type your new password following security requirements
  7. Confirm the new password again in the next box
  8. Click Submit and voila! Your MySUN Webmail now has fresh login credentials.

See, not too painful! If for some reason the automated reset tool isn’t working, you can also contact the Stellenbosch helpdesk directly at +27 21 808 9111 or [email protected].

Now breathe easy knowing you can always get back into your important inbox, even if your memory fails you again down the road. Onwards to smoother email access!

Make sure you understand the difference between your SUNLearn password and your SUN Library logins.

Customizing Your MySUN Webmail Inbox

Phew, now that you’ve mastered logging in and resetting your password, the real fun can start! Let’s explore some easy ways to customize your MySUN Webmail inbox so emailing is smoother sailing.

  • First, setup instant email forwarding so important Stellenbosch notices also get sent to a personal account. Wouldn’t want to miss registration deadlines or campus event invitations! Under Settings, add your Gmail or other preferred address.
  • Speaking of Settings, poke around in there to fine-tune notifications. Turn on desktop alerts so you never miss an urgent message. Get pop-ups for new mail or calendar invites too. Configure things to best fit your habits.
  • While you’re at it, connect your smartphone mail app to sync Stellenbosch University Webmail on the go. Why wait until you’re back at the computer? Get those group project updates instantly no matter where you are on campus!
  • Lastly, don’t forget the theming options so you can sport Stellenbosch pride colors. Change background images too in case the default landscape grows boring after 4 years. Add some personal flair!

What other customizations tickle your fancy? Tweak away until your MySUN Webmail feels like your perfect personalized productivity command center!

Now you’re fully equipped to handle whatever assignments, campus announcements, or awkward freshman party photos come flying your way. Show that inbox who’s boss!

Now let’s explore all the premium goodies this free institutional email brings with it.

Unlocking Handy Email Features

Now that you’ve smoothly logged into your MySUN Webmail inbox, it’s time for a tour of all the fab features we were promised!

Let’s check out some of the premium goodies Microsoft Office 365 brings to your Stellenbosch University student or staff email address.

  • One major bonus is having full access to Office’s slick software suite without any extra fees. Click those familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook icons whenever you need them. Write essays, analyze data, build presentations, and chat with your crew. All easy as pie!
  • Don’t worry about storage space limits either. Your account comes with 1 TB of roomy OneDrive cloud storage. Save attachments galore across all your classes, back up those awkward first-year photos, archive important emails from university staff – your online vault can handle it all!
  • Collaborating with groupmates also becomes ten times easier thanks to SharePoint integration. Create shared folders to work on projects together in real time, no matter where everyone is located. You can even video chat right inside Office!
  • And let’s not forget instant messaging to connect with friends and classmates when email seems too formal. Set up group chats for deadlines reminders, brainstorming sessions, or just gossiping. All securely within your inbox!

Stellenbosch University really did you a solid by partnering with Microsoft to bring you this powerhouse email service. Now put all the amazing features to use and communicate like a pro!


And that’s a wrap! We just toured most everything you need to email smoothly as a student or faculty member using the handy MySUN Webmail system provided by Stellenbosch University.

After reading our simplified step-by-step breakdown, you can now log into your MySUN inbox like a pro. Consider Microsoft Office 365 your new best friend taking care of those premium management features behind the scenes. Well done!

You also got a peek at all the amazing functionality that comes with an institutional email address these days – no more email

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