How to File Stellenbosch University Online Application

Get ahead with your Stellenbosch University online application! Learn key dates, requirements, and accommodation details for a seamless process.

This is one of the most popular universities in South Africa. Many students want to study there because it is one of the top research universities in the Western Cape Province. The University offers many different degree programs and excellent facilities for students.

This article will explain the entire application process step-by-step for Stellenbosch University. It will cover key information like application deadlines, requirements to apply, how to fill out the online application, and tips for getting accepted.

Whether you are a South African or international student, this guide has helpful details about applying to Stellenbosch University.

Key Takeaway Points
Understand Stellenbosch University’s overview and achievements
Learn the Stellenbosch University online application process timelines and influential factors
Comprehend document and fee requirements for successful application
Follow a step-by-step guide for the online application process
Check application status and know accommodation options
Engage with comments for further inquiries and support

By the end, you will understand exactly how to submit your application correctly. You will know the most important dates and what documents you need to provide. This will increase your chances of admission success at Stellenbosch University.

Application opening and closing dates

Mark your calendar with these important Stellenbosch application deadlines:

  • 3 April – Applications open for all undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs
  • 17 July – Financial assistance applications open
  • 31 July – Deadline for undergraduate program applications and residence accommodations
  • 30 September – Closing date to apply for Stellenbosch University financial aid (You might want to read about the NSFAS online application process. There is a comprehensive guide written earlier about it).
  • 26 January – Final deadline for applications to Public Accountability Diploma programs

Applications tend to fill up well before the final deadlines, especially for accommodations. Submit your application as early as possible once the portal opens in April.

Missing key deadlines can negatively impact your admission or funding options. So take note of – and meet – all application and financial assistance dates for your program.

Check the university website for any date changes or updates. And contact admissions staff if you have any questions on application periods.

Application Requirements

Stellenbosch has clear expectations for academic performance and subjects to qualify for admission. Requirements are different depending on your program, citizenship, and exam system.

For the South African NSC, you need passes in 7 subjects: two languages, math/math literacy, life orientation, and three 20-credit subjects. You also need:

  • 40% minimum in home language
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% in two other subjects, one being an official language
  • 20% in the last subject

For a bachelor’s degree, NSC students need:

  • 30% in English or Afrikaans language
  • Rating of 4 (50-59%) in four 20-credit subjects

Your NSC average for admission is calculated using your language mark + best 5 subject marks (excluding non-NSC courses) divided by 6.

International students have additional criteria based on their curriculum and exam system, like Cambridge, IB, etc. There are also English language test scores required.

Importantly, meeting basic requirements does not guarantee admission, as spaces are limited. Faculties publish extra selection guidelines for competitive programs.

Carefully review qualifications and faculty policies in the Stellenbosch University prospectus to confirm you meet expectations. This helps determine if admission is possible before you apply.

Stellenbosch University online application fees

Submitting Stellenbosch University online application requires paying a non-refundable fee. For most South African students applying for undergraduate programs, this fee is R100.

Some applicants are exempt from paying the fee, including:

  • International students
  • Students applying to the Stellenbosch Business School
  • Doctoral program applicants
  • SADC region students
  • Students from Africa beyond SADC applying for Master’s programs
  • Postgraduate Business School applicants from Africa beyond SADC

So be prepared to pay the R100 application fee if you are a South African applying for a standard undergraduate program.

Other administrative and service fees may also apply after admission, which cover items like your student card, internet access, printing, lab costs, etc. The amounts can vary based on your residency status, with additional fees possible for international students.

Carefully review the fee requirements before starting your application. This ensures no surprises arise later in the process. Reach out to admissions staff if you need help understanding expected costs.

How to file SUN online application

Follow these key steps to submit your Stellenbosch University online application correctly:

  • First, make sure you have a valid email address and phone number. You cannot apply without providing these. Also confirm your internet access is reliable throughout the process.
  • Next, allocate at least one hour dedicated solely to completing the application. Have your documents scanned or photographed and ready to upload. Documents needed include:
  1. Grade 12 certificate
  2. Identity document/passport
  3. Additional qualifications
  4. Proof of application fee payment
  • Then access the application portal here ( should see a similar page as the one in the screenshot below.
  • Select “New Application” as indicated in screenshot below and carefully complete all required personal and academic details.
  • Double and triple check that all information entered is accurate before proceeding! Wrong details can negatively impact your admission chances.
  • Upload all your supporting documents when prompted in the application. Ensure files are high quality and legible. Follow all on-screen instructions closely for the remainder of the application process.
  • Finally, submit payment and track your status online using provided login details. You will receive updates if any further action is needed for a decision.

Take it slow and reach out to Stellenbosch at 021 808 9111 or [email protected] if any issues arise!

If you want to work while studying, you might also want to apply for SUN vacancies. Boost your career path with the amazing job listings the University provides.

How to check Stellenbosch University online application status

It is crucial to routinely check the status of your Stellenbosch University online application. This is the only way to get updates on whether your application is successful and any next steps.

  • Soon after submitting your application, you will receive an email with login details for the status portal. If you did not get instructions, you can access the portal through this link and you should land on a page similar to the one in the screenshot below. You might also have to read about My SUN Menu since that is the portal you will be using.
  • Use the unique username and password you created when first applying to log in. This brings up your personal application dashboard.

Here you can track your status through the different stages of processing. It shows what documents are received, if any are outstanding, application completeness, and finally the admission decision.

The status dashboard also displays any additional tasks you need to complete for your application. This includes responding to queries, submitting supplemental info, accepting offers, etc.

Check your SUN application status frequently after applying, at least weekly. This ensures you see updates right away and can take actions by deadlines. Missing status notices can negatively impact admission chances.

Securing Accommodation

Stellenbosch University offers various housing options to students across approximately 31 residences. Nearly 6,500 students can be accommodated in total, with most residences located on campus.

You apply for housing as part of the general university application. Indicate your interest in staying at a university residence when first submitting your application.

Spaces tend to fill up very fast, so apply for accommodation as early as possible. The closing date for residences is earlier than the broader application deadline, usually end of June.

If no more rooms are available in campus housing, you will need to explore private off-campus options in Stellenbosch or surrounding areas. There are even some private affiliated residences that coordinate with the university.

A residence head oversees management of all accommodation, assisted by a student house committee. Senior students also serve as mentors to help new students transition into university life more smoothly.

Be aware that the number of applications exceeds residence vacancies every year. So have a backup plan for private housing if your accommodation application is unsuccessful.

Final Application Tips

Applying to a top university like Stellenbosch can seem daunting. But breaking down the process into manageable steps makes it much simpler.

First and foremost, know the deadlines and requirements forward and backward. Meet all expectations for qualifications, documents, fees, etc.

Follow application instructions carefully, double check details, and submit supporting paperwork properly on schedule. Tracking status frequently also guards against issues.

If at any point you need help, reach out to Stellenbosch’s admissions staff quickly via phone or email. They can clarify next steps and answer questions.

With attention to detail, patience, and asking for guidance when unsure, you can complete your application smoothly.

We wish you the very best with your Stellenbosch University application! Please reach out in the comments below if you have any other questions we can help answer.

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