Stellenbosch University Prospectus PDF File Download

Stellenbosch University prospectus for this academic year is available for you to download. The file is in PDF format and contains all the information you need.

If you are only looking forward to downloading the file, then you can easily scroll to the bottom of the page for the file.

What Is In Stellenbosch University Prospectus?

Almost every University design their prospectus to answer the questions potential applicants might ask. The Stellenbosch University prospectus is also on the same course to answer all your questions.

The Stellenbosch University prospectus contains information on everything you must know before filing your application. It also gives you what you must know about your academic requirements before applying to the University.

The prospectus shows you the minimum APS Score requirements and how to calculate it. The more you know, the better your chances of predicting your success rate.

In most cases, the APS score requirements depend on which type of Courses you are selecting so the prospectus indicates the minimum APS score for the individual courses.

While most of the requirements are in the prospectus, the Minimum Requirements Page also gives more insights. This page contains the requirements for all the individual Faculties.

You can also download the prospectus file in PDF format below.

Download Stellenbosch University PDF file.

If you are ready to file your application check the Stellenbosch University Online Application process.


There could be questions the prospectus can’t answer or there might be something that you will need more explanation.

Always call 021 808 9111 or send an email to  [email protected].

Make sure you read everything in the prospectus and understand both the academic and fee requirements before you start filing your application.

The APS requirements for the individual faculties are different so make sure you check everything carefully. If you have any questions or more explanation on the prospectus, make sure you contact Stellenbosch through the above contacts.

If you have questions or suggestions for me, kindly leave a comment and I will reply as early as possible.

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