How to Download Stellenbosch University Prospectus

Explore the Stellenbosch University Prospectus for vital insights on courses, requirements, and the application process. Download your guide now!

What You Get from This Article
Know how to qualify academically to study at Stellenbosch
See all degree programs and compare your study options
Understand admission requirements as local or international applicant
See costs, bursaries and available aid to cover studies
Know what daily campus student life and support is like
Have step-by-step prospectus directions to apply successfully
Access contacts for any needed application assistance
Use official prospectus download for your full application reference
Complete your degree program application accurately and on time
Get accepted faster by Stellenbosch admissions using details provided

The Stellenbosch University prospectus is an important guide for students thinking about applying to study at this University. This prospectus outlines everything you need to know about the university and its online application process.

Inside the prospectus, you can find details on degree programs, admissions requirements, fees and financial aid, campus life, and more. The prospectus will help explain what you need to apply to Stellenbosch University, choose your degree program, and get ready for student life.

Downloading and reading the full prospectus carefully is an essential first step for prospective students. This article will summarize the key details in Stellenbosch University’s prospectus for 2024 applications. We will focus on the most helpful information students need to review before applying for undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Our goal is to make it easy to understand Stellenbosch’s programs and application process using the official prospectus document. We’ll highlight important admissions requirements, fees and funding options, and application procedures you need to complete. Please read on for a full overview of Stellenbosch’s prospectus and how it can aid your university application!

Download the Stellenbosch University prospectus

How to Download Stellenbosch University Prospectus

To get your prospectus file to use during your application, simply click the link below. This will open the official Stellenbosch University prospectus for the 2024 application year from the undergraduate admissions site.

Prospectus 2024 Download Link (PDF)

The PDF contains the university-issued guide with all accredited details on academic programs, admissions criteria, costs, student life, and the application process required to study at Stellenbosch. Having your own saved copy allows you to reference any section as needed for applications.

We encourage all prospective undergraduate and graduate candidates to get their prospectus file using this provided link. You can then print, save, and start reviewing content most relevant to your chosen degree and interests. Refer back to your downloaded prospectus frequently when submitting applications to ensure accuracy.

Click Here To Download The Prospectus File

What to expect in the prospectus

When reading through Stellenbosch University’s prospectus, prospective students should expect to find all the key information they need to apply for admission. The prospectus serves as an informative guide for new applicants on what the application process involves from start to finish.

  • Firstly, students should expect details on academic prerequisites and admission policies to help determine their eligibility. This includes minimum grade requirements, certificate standards, and assessment methods for both domestic and international students. Understanding these criteria is essential in deciding whether you can qualify for a program.
  • Additionally, the prospectus gives an extensive overview of available degree options across faculties. Students should expect a course catalog summarizing subject areas offered along with basic expectations for completing majors within each field. This helps you narrow down study areas matching your interests and career aspirations.
  • To plan financially for university, students should expect to consult fee structures and funding/aid options in the prospectus. Details on tuition costs per academic year are provided along with available scholarships, bursaries, loans and on-campus work programs. Reviewing these costs and funding sources enables you to budget realistically.
  • Lastly, to understand student life, students should expect useful information on housing choices, sports teams, health services, clubs/societies, leadership programs and more. This shows you the vibrant environment and close-knit community that comes with studying at Stellenbosch.

You should look out of the section of the prospectus that talks about the Stellenbosch University portals including the SUNLearn and the My SUN Menu. These are key tools you will be using at the University.

Applying Using the Stellenbosch University Prospectus

Once you have reviewed the prospectus and identified your desired degree program, the prospectus also aids your application process in key ways. This includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions guiding you through the application portal and required documents.
  • Tips on gathering certifications, test results, letters or examples for submissions.
  • Lists of relevant dates and deadlines you must complete steps by each term.
  • Contacts to reach out to if any application questions arise.

Following the outlined application pathways carefully using details solely from your downloaded prospectus reduces chances of errors or missing items that could delay admission decision. So keep the guide on hand!

Getting Support as a Prospective Student In addition to application help, the prospectus equips prospective students with university contacts across key support departments:

  • Admissions Office: For specific questions on qualifications, documents or application status
  • Student Advising: For advice in finalizing your degree program choice
  • Financial Aid: For assistance securing adequate funding and budgeting tuition fees


There could be questions the prospectus can’t answer or there might be something that you will need more explanation.

Always call 021 808 9111 or send an email to  [email protected].

Make sure you read everything in the prospectus and understand both the academic and fee requirements before you start filing your application.


In the end, Stellenbosch University prospectus holds all critical details needed for a smooth application process. Downloading your copy using the link provided gives you an essential on-hand resource from researching degrees to applying for your program of choice. Carefully consulting the prospectus guides your admission success.

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