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The Best University of Auckland Application Procedures Available

The University of Auckland application is open and anyone who wishes to apply can follow the simple procedures outlined on this page to file their applications.

There are so many things involved from when you decide to study at a particular university to when you finally get admission. In this article, I will not only list the application process but also some key factors you must know before applying. I will also help you to know what it takes to get admission to the University of Auckland.

Most people consider the University of Auckland very difficult to enter. In most cases, this thought doesn’t help them but intimidates them with their application process.

I will be very glad to announce to you that the University of Auckland acceptance rate is 45% which is fairly easy. It means that 4 out of 10 applications will likely go through. That is really easy considering the fact that most people usually send more than one application. You can read more about the acceptance rate in my previous article. The University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate At 45%.

Before we start with everything, you can check the table of contents to see the overview of everything you will get on this page. You can also click on any of the headings to jump to that particular article.

The University of Auckland Prospectus

One of the major things about filing your first application is knowing more about the university. In the quest to know more about the University, you must be reading the University’s brochure.

No matter what you want to know about the University, the brochure is available to help you know the University. The University of Auckland prospectus is in different forms. There are general prospectuses and faculty prospectuses. There are also programme-specific prospectuses.

I urge you to visit the University of Auckland Prospectuses page using the link below and you should be able to see all the available prospectuses from there.

Get all the Univesity of Auckland brochures.

After reading the prospectus, you should be able to get a fair idea of what the University is all about. With that, you can finally consider filing your application.

University of Auckland Application

There are different application types depending on who or where the person is applying from. All the various University of Auckland application types have their individual requirements and we will be taking a look at what each of the application types means and who is supposed to use which. Check the list below to know the individual application types.

  1. New Zealand secondary school applicants
  2. University of Auckland foundation study applicants.
  3. New Zealand and International foundation study applicants
  4. Prior tertiary study applicants
  5. Discretionary entrance applicants
  6. Applicants under 16
  7. Home school applicants
  8. School leavers
  9. Special Admission
  10. Overseas secondary school applicants

If you check the list above, the University Of Auckland application options from number 1 to 9 are options available to New Zealand applicants which leave only option 10 specifically for international applicants.

With that in mind, we can look a bit at the application options and what it also means to apply using that particular option.

University of Auckland Application Processes for New Zealand Applicants

New Zealand applicants have up to nine options at their disposal for filing their University Of Auckland application. We will be looking at the individual application processes and which requirements one must meet to use the specific process.

#1. New Zealand secondary school applicants

New Zealand secondary school applicants have three certification options to meet when applying. Since the applicant is a secondary school leaver, the person is required to have a National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International).

We will also take a look at the individual certifications under this category to ensure you know exactly what is required for entry.


Since NCEA results are made available to the University, the university will assess them and use them to process your application.

You must also note that there are other key requirements you must meet in order to get admission. I will put some in a list below.

  • The applicant is required to have NCEA level 3
  • You must also have 14 credits in each of the three approved subjects in level 3
  • Getting 10 literacy credits at level 2 or above is also important (You must have 5 credits in reading and 5 in writing, summing up to 10 total credits in literacy).
  • There is also a numeracy requirement applicants must meet (10 credits at level 1 or above).

Apart from meeting the above requirements, you must also meet UE (University Entry minimum standard) and other programme-specific requirements as well. Check the University Auckland requirements page in the link to know the programme-specific requirements.

NCEA holders will also need a rank score from 150 to 280 in order to get admission to any programme at the University of Auckland. You should check the requirements page link in the paragraph above to know the NCEA rank score required for each programme.


For IB diploma holders, you must first make sure you meet the University Entry standard (UE). You must also make sure you meet the requirements in the list below.

  • Full IB diploma with a minimum of 24 points.
  • Completed IB diploma with English Language A at a Higher or Standard level. English Language B at a Higher level with a minimum grade of 5 is also acceptable.

You must also meet programme-specific requirements. Find all the IB diploma programme-specific requirements for the University of Auckland application using this link.

For IB diploma holders, the rank score is calculated by simply converting your IB score. That means if you have a 26 IB score, it means you have a rank score of 26.

The University of Auckland IB diploma applicants must have a rank score from 26 to 36 in order to qualify for any programme. You should also check the programme-specific rank score requirements using the link above.

Cambridge International
  • An applicant must get a minimum of 120 points at A or AS level in all syllabus groups available in New Zealand.
  • You must also get D or better grade in at least three different syllabus groups.
  • Get an E or better grade in any of the AS English subjects to meet literacy requirements.
  • You must have a D or better grade in IGCSE or GCSE Mathematics. Or simply pass any mathematics subject at AS level to meet the numeracy requirements.

If you have all the qualifications above available, you will also need a rank score from 150 to 330 in order to register for any programme at the University of Auckland. If you are a Cambridge International diploma holder, read more about your application process on the UOA website.

These are the three main qualifications New Zealand school leavers can use to apply for entry to the University of Auckland.

#2. University of Auckland Foundation Studies

To use this channel, you must have completed the UP Education or Taylors University of Auckland foundation programmes, or the Tertiary Foundation Certificate (TFC).

No matter where you completed your study, you should get the requirements from the UOA foundation entry requirements page. Also, note that you have to meet the undergraduate English language requirements in order to get admission.

#3. New Zealand and International Foundation Study Applicants.

This is purposely for applicants who have completed their foundation programmes in a different New Zealand university or internationally. No matter where you completed the foundation programme, you must still meet the undergraduate programmes and English language requirements. You should check the full requirements from the UOA website.

#4. Prior Tertiary Study Applicants

This channel is made available for students who want to transfer from another university to the University of Auckland. It is very easy to even transfer your credits to UOA.

You must meet one of the following requirements in order to gain entry to the University of Auckland using this method.

  • You must have completed one successful bachelor’s degree study in any New Zealand tertiary institution.
  • One year successful study of acceptable sub-degree qualification
  • One year of successful bachelor’s degree-level study at any recognized university.

In most cases, people who transfer from other tertiary institutions already met the University Entry standards. Even though most people already met the standards, you should always check to confirm first before you proceed with your application.

You can get more information on this on the University of Auckland website.

#5. Discretionary Entrance Applicants

This channel helps New Zealand or Australian applicants under 20, who do not have University Entry qualifications to gain entry to the University of Auckland.

This application option requires the applicant to be very intelligent and motivated and display some kind of maturity since interviews are part of the process. Having NCEA level 2 or higher and exceptional performance in year 12 is a must.

Since this option is not available to international applicants, Australian applicants must have schooled in New Zealand in order to apply.

Applicants must also meet the usual undergraduate requirements just like any other NCEA application requirement. However, there are other things that are not required. Check the Discretionary entry page to learn more.

#6. Applicants Under 16

In most cases, some under 16 years of secondary school students develop exceptional talents for studying. They end up being really young but ready to enter Univesity. This is the channel such people must use when applying to the University of Auckland.

Usually, the University requires such applicants to demonstrate outstanding academic performance than the required minimum. The applicants are also interviewed to ensure they are actually ready for the University environment.

Academic history and confidential references from the applicant’s school principal are required for a successful application.

#7. Home School Applicants

For homeschooling applicants, the applicant must meet the same requirements as New Zealand secondary school applicants as listed above.

#8. School leavers

Among all the application processes, school leavers are the easiest to get admission to study at the University of Auckland. The application requires that you meet all undergraduate requirements.

Even if you don’t meet the requirements, you will still have other options since the University considers school leavers a lot. In most cases, if you do not meet your programme choice requirements, the University will offer you an alternative programme.

The processing of the application is highly centred on strong Year 12 results. Provided your results are that good, you might receive Early Programme Offers (Fast Track Offers). These offers come in mostly even before your results are confirmed.

If you receive Fast Track Offers, you no longer have to meet the Guaranteed Minimum Entry Rank.

#9. Special Admission

Special admissions are for applicants who do not have formal university entry qualifications. These people can apply and study at the University of Auckland.

The applicant must be a New Zealand or Australian resident. Permanent New Zealand residents are also considered under this form of the University of Auckland application.

Applicant must be 20 years before filing this application. Since formal qualification is not necessary, the applicant must show some work experience and sometimes undergo an interview.

You should check out the programmes available to this type of applicant on the University’s website.

Overseas Secondary School Applicants

This is the major pathway for international secondary school leavers who want to study at the University of Auckland. The overseas applicants can also use the New Zealand and International Foundation Study option above to apply. However, this option right here is the major pathway for international applicants.

One of the major requirements you must meet is the Academic English Language Requirements (AELR) and the undergraduate English language requirements.

Most of the requirements are based on which country you are applying from. You should check the overseas applicants’ page to know more about the requirements.

These are some of the entry pathways to the University of Auckland. There are other things that I know you might be interested in knowing before filing the application. Continue reading to know more.

Application and Tuition Fees

There are some fees that come with studying at the University and the University of Auckland is no exception to those fees. I will explain all the types of fees you will be paying below.

University of Auckland Application Fees

The University of Auckland application fees vary depending on which type of application you are filing. All application fees are non-refundable. It doesn’t matter whether you got admission or not.

Applicants can file multiple applications within the same semester and it will all cost just a single application fee. However, if the applicant decides to file again in a different semester, the applicant will pay another application fee again.

At the moment, international applicants do not have to pay any application fees.

For domestic applicants, fees range from NZ$60 to $100 depending on your qualification. However, there are exclusions also depending on which type of qualification you are submitting for your application.

All fees are added to your account due and not posted via email or postal mail. You should check the UOA support website to read more about the fees.

University of Auckland Tuition Fees

Both domestic and international students have different tuition fee options and I will be explaining all the available options below. While some will be paying more, others could be paying absolutely nothing.

Domestic students.

Most domestic students might be eligible for a free year of study per government policy. The government is going to pay up to NZ$12,000 for eligible students which is only for completely new students. However, if your fees exceed $12,000, you will have to pay the difference by yourself to complete it.

Students must have National Students Number (NSN) to qualify for this offer. Read more on the University of Auckland website.

Apart from this government policy, New Zealand domestic students have to pay tuition fees based on the programme they are offering. I will show the tuition fee per programme in the table below.

ProgrammeEstimated fees
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)$6,417.60 – $9,728.40
Bachelor of Architectural Studies$7,017.60 – $8,559.60
Bachelor of Arts$6,417.60 – $8,559.60
Bachelor of Commerce$6,417.60 – $8,559.60
Bachelor of Dance Studies$7,402.80
Bachelor of Design$8,559.60
Bachelor of Education (Teaching)$6,417.60
Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)$6,417.60
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)$7,402.80 – $10,831.20
Bachelor of Fine Arts$7,402.80
Bachelor of Global Studies$6,417.60 – $7,402.80
Bachelor of Health Sciences$6,417.60 – $8,329.20
Bachelor of Human Services$6,417.60
Bachelor of Laws$6,417.60 – $6,915.60
Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours)$7,402.80 – $9,728.40
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – Year 2 onwards (for Year 1 see Bachelor of Health Sciences)$7,402.80 – $16,456.80
Bachelor of Music$6,417.60 – $7,402.80
Bachelor of Nursing$7,402.80
Bachelor of Optometry$7,402.80 – $9,363.60
Bachelor of Pharmacy$8,329.20
Bachelor of Physical Education$6,417.60
Bachelor of Property$6,417.60 – $6,915.60
Bachelor of Science$6,417.60 – $8,559.60
Bachelor of Social Work$6,417.60
Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education$6,417.60 – $7,402.80
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours)$7,017.60 – $10,831.20
Certificate in Health Sciences$1,098.00

Students studying conjoint programmes will get slightly higher fees than the ones in the table. You can also get the full fees for domestic students from this page.

International students

International student tuition fees vary from domestic students. Below is a table showing an estimate of how much international students will pay per programme for 2023.

ProgrammeEstimated fees
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)NZ$41,381.20 – $48,622.10
Bachelor of Architectural StudiesNZ$45,698.10
Bachelor of Arts (except performance and science-based courses)NZ$35,249.80
Bachelor of Arts (performance and science-based courses)NZ$41,381.20
Bachelor of CommerceNZ$41,381.20- $50,834.80
Bachelor of CommunicationsNZ$41,381.20 – $43,024.00
Bachelor of Dance StudiesNZ$41,381.20
Bachelor of DesignNZ$43,137.20
Bachelor of Education (Teaching)NZ$35,249.80 – $35488.20
Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)NZ$35,488.20
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)NZ$41,381.20 – $48,622.10
Bachelor of Fine ArtsNZ$39,410.60
Bachelor of Global StudiesNZ$35,249.80 – $45,698.10
Bachelor of Health SciencesNZ$35,249.80 – $42,180.00
Bachelor of Human ServicesNZ$35,488.20
Bachelor of LawsNZ$35,249.80 – $41,377.50
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – Year 2 onwards (for Year 1 see Bachelor of Health Sciences)NZ$82,833.60
Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours)NZ$37,522.40 – $84,442.20
Bachelor of MusicNZ$35,249.80 – $41,381.20
Bachelor of NursingNZ$37,522.40 – $41,381.20
Bachelor of OptometryNZ$41,381.20 – $60,223.50
Bachelor of PharmacyNZ$48,386.30
Bachelor of Physical EducationNZ$35,488.20
Bachelor of PropertyNZ$41,381.20 – $42,180.00
Bachelor of ScienceNZ$35,249.80 – $50,834.80
Bachelor of Social WorkNZ$35,488.20
Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical EducationNZ$35,488.20
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours)NZ$41,381.20 – $48,622.10
Study AbroadNZ$13,200**

These are the tuition fees international students must pay per programme.

University of Auckland Accommodation

The University of Auckland’s accommodation system is one of the best you will ever get. There are flexible terms of payment and apart from that, you can also get exactly what you paid for.

There are different types of accommodation plans available. Each of them comes at a cost and also, and the applicant decides what to spend on what. For instance, you can get a single room in a shared apartment or you can get a full personal studio. It all depends on what you can afford and exactly what you want.

You also decide if you will cater for yourself or if the University will cater for you. It is a choice you can make.

Check the University of Auckland accommodation prices:

ResidenceRoom typeCateringSemester fee (NZD)
Carlaw Park Student VillageSinge room in apartmentSelf-catered$6,153
Te Tirohanga o te TōangaroaSingle room in a dormitorySelf-catered$5,922
55 SymondsStudio DeluxeSelf-catered$8,001
University Hall – ApartmentsSingle room in apartmentSelf-catered with optional meal plans$5,985
UniLodge WhitakerStudioSelf-catered$7,602
Waipārūrū – Whitaker BlockSingle room in a dormitorySelf-catered with optional meal plans$5,263
Grafton HallSingle room in a dormitory Fully catered$7,752

As you can see, each of the residences has its own pricing per semester. It is up to you to decide which option to go with. No matter the option you choose, you get the following benefits:

  • Free Airport pick up to your residence
  • Location within a walking distance of the University campus.
  • Utilities, WiFi, and Freeview TV are all included in the fees.
  • Sports and recreational centre membership is also included in the fees.
  • Residential activities and support.
  • You also get to live with neighbours who are from New Zealand and other countries.
Very Important

If you would like to apply for residence, it is highly recommended that you apply for residence even before filing your application. If you cannot do that, always make sure you apply before the deadline, since placement will not be guaranteed after the deadline.

Probably you are moving to New Zealand with the entire family or part of the family. The Univesity of Auckland might not have accommodation for the entire family. However, the University can help you secure private accommodation where the family can live safely.

semester one opens on 1 August and closes on 15 August. Semester two opens on 1 April and closes on 1 May.

Make sure you always apply for accommodation before the deadline. If you want to apply, simply visit the application page and click on the “Apply for accommodation” button below the page.

University of Auckland Application FAQs

This section will answer some of the common questions most people ask about the University of Auckland application. If you can’t find answers to your question, you can leave your question in the comment box and I will answer as early as possible.

How do I apply to the University of Auckland?

Simply check the type of qualification you have as I have listed all acceptable qualifications above. From there, visit the application page corresponding to your qualification, click on the apply button and fill out the application form.

Does the University of Auckland have an application fee?

Yes, there is. However, International applicants are exempted from the application fees. Domestic applicants will pay one application fee per semester. Meaning if you pay this semester, you can send as many applications as you want. But in case you have to apply again next semester, you will have to pay another application fee.

Is it hard to get into the University of Auckland?

Since the University of Auckland’s acceptance rate is at 45%, I will say it is fairly easy to get entry. It means 4 out of 10 applications will be considered.

Does the University of Auckland Have Dorms?

Yes. Even better than the everyday Univesity dorms you see around. The accommodation is also affordable and you can even decide on what you want and how much you want to spend. All you have to do is to apply for accommodation on time.

If you wish to help us make this article about the University of Auckland application better, you can contact us through our contact page.

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