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If you want to download the University of Canterbury prospectus, then this is the right place to be. The University of Canterbury prospectus for this academic year is available and anyone who is interested in studying at UC can download it in PDF format.

Since you are on this page, I will assume you have some interest in applying to study at the University of Canterbury. No matter the information you seek, as long as it concerns the University of Canterbury prospectus, I am very happy to be of assistance.

Kindly go through the table of contents below to check the overview of the information available on this page. If you see your topic of interest, you can easily click on it to jump to the particular article.

What is in the University of Canterbury Prospectus?

The University of Canterbury prospectus contains information about the entire university.

Universities usually make their prospectus answer questions that prospects might ask. The same prospectus also helps the universities to showcase or advertise their products and services to the applicants.

The University of Canterbury prospectus is no exception. While it has information to help answer questions posed by potential applicants, it is also showing UC’s products and services to the prospects.

There are two different types of prospectuses and they are; the general prospectus and the program-specific prospectuses. In this article, I will be looking at only the general prospectus.

So let us look at some of the things in the prospectus.

Programs and Subjects

Apart from the introduction and a few things you will see, the next very important information is on programs and subjects. The introduction and the few info before that are quite important too but let’s focus on the programs and subjects for now.

The University offers over 70 subjects. All the subjects are grouped into programs making it easy for applicants to know which subjects come with which program.

The individual subjects are also explained well so potential applicants can understand and know what they are signing up for. There are also testimonies from real-life people to motivate applicants.

There are close to 28 bachelor’s degree qualification options for Undergraduates. This makes it possible for first-year applicants to have many available options to choose from.

Double or Conjoined Degree

There is information on this too in the brochure. You can work towards multiple degrees at the same time. While this takes longer to complete, it gives you that career flexibility after completion.

Conjoint degrees are accelerated programs for high-achieving students so you must know your strength before applying.

There are also impossible combinations so you have to read about them first. You can’t combine the qualifications of your choice in this case. There are only acceptable combinations that you must choose from.

It is very important that you know your strength and act accordingly.

This ends what is in the UC Prospectus.

The University of Canterbury Prospectus Download PDF File

The UC prospectus is in PDF format that you can download and read later. Simply use the download link below to download the prospectus.

UC Prospectus Download.

The publication is in a 142 pages brochure in PDF format. You can read it online or simply use the download button to download it for later.

The University of Canterbury also does something amazing. You can actually request a hard copy of the prospectus.

There is an “Order Print Copy” on the page. All you have to do is follow the procedures, fill out a couple of forms and you can receive the brochure no matter where you are.

It is quite amazing to know you can actually have your brochure printed and sent directly to your location.

There are other things that I didn’t see information on in the prospectus. But I know they are interesting and helpful topics so I will include them here.

You should also check other University prospectuses on this site like; the University of Otago Prospectus and Auckland University of Technology Prospectus.

UC Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the very important things to look at carefully when applying to study at the university. International applicants are usually the ones to take this even more seriously.

The University of Canterbury has different accommodation plans for its applicants. More plans mean more choices and more choices mean you can get what you are comfortable with.

Below are some of the available options;

1. Summer accommodation

This is for students who are staying on campus just for the Summer School Programmes. The price is calculated on weekly bases since summer programs are really short.

A refundable contingency fee of $300 is charged for bookings of four or more weeks. Since the pricing changes from time to time, kindly check the UC accommodation page to confirm the current prices.

You will have to pay extra for three meals per day and bedding packs as well.

2. Accommodation for Postgraduates

Since Postgraduate studies come with different demands compared to Undergraduates, it is just right to make separate plans for them.

The Postgraduate accommodation plans come with many different options to make the student comfortable. There is a 16-week minimum stay contract which includes choosing to be catered to or to cater for yourself. All accommodation options come at an extra cost. So check carefully and know which option you can fund.

Check the UC Postgraduate accommodation page to read more and apply.

3. Accommodation for International Students

This is a very crucial point international applicants must look at when filing the University of Canterbury application.

You must file your accommodation application before or right after filing your UC application. International applicants must organize their accommodations before getting to Christchurch. Depending on the arrival of the flight, a temporary residence will be required.

It is very important that you check the UC international application page to learn what living in New Zealand will feel like. This will help you to prepare for what to expect.

Make sure you also check the UC International accommodation page to apply and also check the pricing.

4. Accommodation for couples or families

In most Universities, there are no accommodations for couples or families. There are available accommodations for couples or families at the University of Canterbury. However, the spaces are in high demand so you must apply as fast as possible.

The cost of accommodation might be a bit high since there is more of a private kind of residence required for couples or families.

Check the pricing and apply on the UC couples or families accommodation page.

5. Homestay Students

Homestay is one of the accommodation options that are especially suitable for under 18 international applicants. This is where the student stays with a local family while studying at the university.

There are so many benefits that come with this kind of accommodation option. Apart from getting to meet new people, you also get to learn the culture of New Zealand from a local family perspective.

The families that partake in the homestay accommodation are carefully selected by the university so you will definitely get that family environment you had at home.

This type of accommodation plan starts at a minimum of 8 weeks period. It also comes at a cheaper cost than other accommodation plans.

Check and read more information on the UC Homestay accommodation plan.

6. Private Rental

Private rental or flatting is one of the most common accommodation options among students in their second year. Living an independent and private lifestyle is what most people prefer.

Flatting allows students to live a private lifestyle with little or no supervision at all. Private rentals are for only single students. Couples or families don’t have an option for private rentals.

Even though this gives you more privacy, you still have to share a few spaces with other flatmates sometimes including, the kitchen, hall, and laundry machines.

There is a full handout on UC Private rentals. Make sure you download and read the handout before you opt for this option.

7. Temporary accommodation

As the name suggests, is a temporary stay in fully furnished rooms. Usually, the pricing is on a daily or weekly basis. This accommodation option is perfect for visitors or families traveling in search of a permanent resident.

The options available include motels, hotels, and backpackers. The pricing is quite expensive since the rooms are fully furnished.

You can check the University of Canterbury accommodation page to get full details on the pricing.

University of Canterbury Tuition Fees

The University of Canterbury tuition fees come on a per-course basis. This means that the course you enroll in will determine how much you will pay. However, there are Special Fees Programmes where an overall fee is levied.

Apart from Special Fees Programmes, all other courses are assigned to fee bands.

The fee bands are set to one academic year of study (120 points) so paying one means you pay for a whole year.

Domestic Undergraduate Fees

Domestic students have different fees compared to other applicants. Below is the domestic Undergraduate Fees band table.

This is showing only fees for the current year. Any changes to the fees will be updated on the University of Canterbury website.

University of Canterbury prospectus - undergraduate fees
Domestic Undergraduate fee bands

All fees come with New Zealand GST.

Domestic Postgraduate Fee bands

Below are the tuition fees for domestic Postgraduate students. There are two separate Postgraduate groups and you can see each of them listed separately with their fee bands.

University of Canterbury prospectus - postgraduate fees
TAUGHT Postgraduate Fee bands
University of Canterbury Prospectus- Tuition fee for postgraduates
RESEARCH Postgraduate fee bands.

International Undergraduate Fee bands

International students will not pay the same fees as domestic applicants. Since each of them will pay mostly in their own currencies, the NZ GST equivalent taxes and other overseas taxes have been added to the tuition fees.

Check the table below to see how much one must pay as a tuition fee at the University of Canterbury.

University of Canterbury International Undergraduate fee bands
University of Canterbury International Fee Bands

If you want more information on the fees, kindly check the University of Canterbury Fees page. There is information there that will help you understand the tuition fees more.

The University of Canterbury Prospectus FAQs

I will answer a few Frequently Asked Questions. Probably you have also been asking some questions. Find the answers below.

Where do I get the University of Canterbury Prospectus?

The University of Canterbury Prospectus is available for download and it can be downloaded from the official UC publications page.
You can also request a printed version and it will be printed and sent to you no matter where you are located. All you have to do is simply fill out the request forms and you will have it delivered in hardcopy.
Use the prospectus download link above.

What is the University of Canterbury tuition fee for a year?

The University of Canterbury tuition fee for a year is calculated based on which program you are studying. The highest you could pay for an undergraduate study is $8,019 and that is if you are studying Engineering, Forestry, or Product Design. You can pay as low as $6,388 per year and that will be possible if you are studying Arts, Social Science, or Education.
Since each course has its own fee, simply select your program in the fee bands table and calculate how much you will have to pay per year.
You can see the tuition fee bands table above.

Does the University of Canterbury Have Dorms?

The University of Canterbury has private accommodation for students. There are different types of accommodation to make it easier for you to get a choice. It will also help you stay within your budget and still live comfortably.
There are residents for even visitors and it is easy to get accommodation as well.

Have a question? Ask here!

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