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UP Prospectus: Download UP Prospectus PDF

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UP Prospectus PDF is available for you to download. If you are interested in information concerning the University of Pretoria, then download the prospectus right now.

UP Prospectus covers so many things that prospects must know before filling their UP Application. There is one for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate prospects.

Everything you want to know about the University of Pretoria is in the prospectus so download and read.

To make it easier for you, I have highlighted some of the things in the prospectus on this page so you can easily glance through them.

There is also a table of contents below. It shows all the topics available on this page so if you are interested in a particular topic, simply click on the heading to jump to it.

Why Do You Need UP Prospectus?

The prospectus is the backbone that drives admissions in every school or institution during a new academic year.

It is when the institutions get to showcase how beneficial or what they will offer their prospective applicants.

It means that is when you as a prospect will get to see what the institution has in store for you. Whether they meet your standards or not.

Apart from that, the brochure is also meant to answer all questions that the potential applicants might ask about the University. The prospectus literally answers all questions before you even ask them.

It actually helps you save a lot of time on inquiries because everything you might probably want to know will be highlighted in the brochure.

What Is In The UP Prospectus?

Most institutions especially universities outline everything interested applicants must know about their life in the institution and the choices available.

Most of them go to the extent of stimulating questions that prospects will ask and make the brochure answer them.

Some of the things you will find in the University of Pretoria’s prospectus include:

Available Programmes

There are programmes for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates. All the programmes are listed in the prospectuses.

Concerning the programmes, there are also faculty brochures which will give you in-depth information on all the available programmes including the requirements you must meet to take on such programmes.

You must read the individual faculty brochures to know which programmes you qualify for and the subjects you will be studying.

Application Process and Requirements

There is also information on the application process and requirements. The application process comes in many ways both online and offline.

Whichever way you would like to apply, read my previous article on the University of Pretoria application process and requirements.

I have written about the entire UP application process, and what you need to know before applying. So try and read the article.

UP Accommodation Plans

UP accommodation is one of the major interest points, especially for international applicants or students who are not closer to the University of Pretoria. I will take my time to explain this point well to your understanding.

The Department of Residence Affairs at the University of Pretoria is treated as an independent body. The Department of Residence or simply “TuksRes” is in charge of all residential matters.

UP has one of the largest university accommodation systems available. There are many options for applicants to choose from.

There is also a guest residence where guests can lodge during visits.

It is very important to apply for residence as soon as you finish filing your UP online application. You can check the accommodation costs and other things on the accommodation page of the UP website.

Download The Prospectus

There are so many things that the brochure cover which you must read for yourself to know the contents.

There are also contacts which you can reach out to in case you have queries that the brochure didn’t answer.

You can download the brochure using this link. You can also find information on Postgraduate programmes from this link. Use the link below to download the Prospectus.

Download University of Pretoria Prospectus PDF

If you decide to apply online after checking the brochure, don’t forget to follow my simple UP Online Application tutorial.

There is a guide for the University of Pretoria accommodation. You should also download that and read through it. Download the UP Accommodation guide.

There is another tutorial on How To Use UP Students Portal which will also help you in your application.

UP Prospectus FAQs

This is where I will answer all your questions. If there is any question that you are unable to find an answer to or I didn’t answer, kindly use the comment box and I will answer as early as possible.

Is UP Application Still Open?

Application for study at the University of Pretoria is still open. Any interested applicant can start filing an application fully online from 1 April this year. The application will remain open for a period of time. However, applications for Undergraduate studies have specific dates when they will close.

These application dates are fixed but can also be affected by many factors including the availability of space. If the available space fills quicker, the application will close faster than expected.

I have written a full guide on the UP online application process. Make sure you check it out. You should also check the specific application closing dates from the University of Pretoria website.

Does the University of Pretoria Have Accommodation?

Yes!…. The University of Pretoria has accommodation for students and even guests who visit. With over 10,000 residential students, the University of Pretoria boasts the largest residential university in South Africa.

These are not mere words, they live up to the name. The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation operates independently hence making it easy to manage residencies.

You can easily apply for residence or check on accommodations from the TuksRes page.

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